David Dawson's 'timelapse/(Mnemosyne) for Dutch National Ballet (2011)

David Dawson is based in Berlin, from where he works as a freelance choreographer. He has previously worked as a dancer and resident choreographer with the Dutch National Ballet and as resident choreographer with SemperOper Ballett in Dresden. Unlike Cherkaoui, Dawson's work is based on classical ballet technique, although he interprets it in a very personal and modern-poetic way. His premiere work for the Dutch National Ballet will be a piece for a large ensemble, to music by the English composer, DJ and multimedia artist Robin Rimbaud, who is better known as 'Scanner', because of his use of mobile phones and police scanners during live performances.

With his newest creation, David Dawson reflects upon the legends from Greek Mythology. Each passing scene weaves a magical journey back in time, exploring the ideas that lay beneath these stories and questions their continued value and meaning to our modern day psyche.

Video by Altin Kaftira