Me – Every Body Volume 1 – Trailer 2 (2011)

Olof Persson / Olof Persson Projects

The structure of movement and the body¹s simple complexity. Nine sequences dissect the movement in shape and time for the stage and the exhibition space, where the body is central for the work.

Body. Simple, and yet very complex. Everything we do, redefine and produce, is occurring directly or indirectly in relationship to the body. Our thoughts, motions, meetings and life in general would not take place if we weren¹t built after the present structure. The basic necessities for the body are still the same, but the awareness of it and methods to support it, are on the other hand in constant detailed change.

The work has proceeded a long time (2001 - 2008). In turns nine sequences have been created, extended and modified at different locations in the world. Every sequence is built on its own and with its own shape. They are not cohesive in a logical sense, but in the end become an entity through its own complexity. As a further layer the series "Movement drawings" is created, where several sequences are further developed into video work and images. The series moves closer to the surface of the skin and movement.

Me - every body, volume 1 is an collaboration project by:
Olof Persson (Swedish Style in Tokyo, Dia Center for Arts) with:
Robin Rimbaud / Scanner (Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou)
Helena Fredriksson / H Fredriksson (New York Fashion week, Scissor Sisters)
Pierre Proske / Grimus (Ars Electronica Futurelab, GEIGER)
Lina Räftegård (GöteborgsOperan, Kungliga Teatern i Köpenhamn)
Mike Skinner (PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Visionarie 53 sound)
Lisa Sandström (Fashion Deluxe, Paletten)
Jean-Louis Huhta (Lucky People Center, Cullbergbaletten)
Rebecca Evanne (Helsingfors Stadsteater, Riksteatern)
Madeleine Strandberg (GöteborgOperan, Backa teater)
and Hannes Andreasson Boisjö (Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival, Sveriges Television).