Sjansmachine (2010)

SJANSMACHINE is an interactive photo-installation that works with realtime images and face recognition software. The aim of this installation is to bring people closer together in a playfull and fun way. Like many social networking tools on the internet these days, Sjansmachine enables you to connect with other people. It plays with the idea that the virtual world is replacing our social life and therefore wants people to connect in the real world again.

The custom software (written in Processing, including face detection and motion detection functionality) takes a picture of the face in the booth. The photo is immediately visible on the projections (one face per square). If the screens are filled with photos the oldest photo will be replaced by a new one. The images are constantly animated and every now and then two of the faces will be 'matched' by the software. During M.A.T.C.H mode the machine doesn't upload any pictures, but displays its match in front of the live audience. When Sjansmachine is back in "chance-mode" you can step into the photobooth again.

This project is a collaboration between Rolf van Gelder, Carmin Karasic and Olga Mink.