Scanner & Olga Mink – The Nature of Being: Mapping Festival - Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva (2008)

The Nature Of Being from Olga Mink on Vimeo.
Mapping Festival - Centre d'Art Contemporain
Geneva, 2008
Audiovisual live performance by Scanner
& Olga Mink - http://www.videology.nu

What transcends our natural world? In digital technology we have the ability to invent and imagine a multitude of possibilities limited only by the imagination of the creator, but is something lost in this exploration, are we missing out on a sincere emotive response through the erasure of the real world?

The Nature of Being is a live interchange between artists charting a conversational movement of colour, music, texture and image. It is a travelogue of invention, taking the romance of the cosmos through a metaphysical adventure. Sometimes familiar, sometimes ambiguous, this performance transforms and mutates across the borders of recognition: footsteps become rhythm; wind becomes melody, as cinematic images reflect, compliment and contrast the soundtrack. Their goal is towards building an emotional relationship to the projections and sound, a work that seeks a departure from the familiar digital paths, striking the heart, the soul, and the mind.

The Nature of Being is a performance guided by contemplative sound and image, creating an abstract story yielding to a state-of-fluxcinematic experience. By use of immersive projections, panoramic views and surround sound, sensuality is re-imagined, reinterpreted, connecting multiple realities in a multi-angled perspective, merging and juxtaposing various points of views.
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In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous
   Aristotle ‘Parts of Animals’