May 2012


And so another manic month passes by and as fast as I think I have defeated deadlines I find another one raises its gluttonous head, wanting attention. It's a zombie existence!

Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable

April began in Amsterdam with an intimate live performance of 52 Spaces at Smart Project Space, followed by a wondrous improvisation in surround sound with Italian electronic maestro TeZ, where we spontaneously broke into broad grins at the close of the piece, struck at the joyful spirit of the evening.

Then into the studio for filming for a forthcoming adventurous project in The Netherlands, Het Nationale Canta Ballet. This is a six-week transmedia project based around a remarkable Dutch mobility car that many of you may have seen in the streets of Amsterdam. In the project, dancers and handicapped people will be working together. Beginning in mid-May with a book by Karin Spaink, a TV series on Ned 2, and a radio documentary on Radio 1, the grand finale will take place on 28 June 2012 with a special dance performance by thirty ballet dancers from the Dutch National Ballet and sixty Canta drivers. The performance features the little cars as full dance partners and I will be performing a new live original score commissioned for the event in the spacious surroundings of De Gashouder.

We will have two performances that night to meet demand but don't worry as it can also be seen on Ned 2 television on 1 July at 19.00 and presumably online afterwards for more global viewers.

Then it was up on the train to the Steel City of Sheffield to perform at the Sensoria Festival in a cavernous and chilly industrial basement, alongside the magical Moog oriented electronic stories of Tara Busch, and the candlelit ambience of the ballroom tales of Laurie Anderson

A place to hide the past.

Record Store Day passed with success as scores of people queued up at dawn to pick up limited editions records. I was fortunate to find editions by Carter Tutti Void, Nurse with Wound, Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm, but sadly many simply took this as an opportunity to profit by purchasing rare releases and selling them on eBay immediately, exploiting the joy that many have picking up these releases. Meanwhile test pressings have arrived for my forthcoming archive series of vinyl and CD with Sub Rosa of unreleased material due out later this year but in the meanwhile you can pick up Lars Leonhard's new vinyl release which I remixed. Out on BineMusic now it's a luscious melodic straight-to-the-hip dance tune, also available as a digital release. You can listen to the entire song here

My recent talk for The Wire magazine's Off the Page event in Whitstable is now available online to listen to in full. Chaired by The Wire's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Tony Herrington, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), Chris Cutler (ReR Records), Kiran Sande (FACT, Blackest Ever Black) and I discussed possible responses to the challenges posed by music's changing eco-system. It follows on from my contribution to the magazine in October 2011 which you can still read here.

Over the years I've enjoyed documenting my travels on camera and commonly use a combination of iPhone, digital cameras and Lomography so was recently flattered to be invited by the Lomo site itself to answer a few questions about my body of photographic exploration. Have a read here and enjoy the photos.

May looks set to be a very compact and busy month. I'm off to present my collaboration with filmmaker Regis Cotentin at Les Galeries in Brussels on 2 May, where we sample and construct a new imaginary science fiction world using footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey and countless other movies into a wild expansive new narrative.

This is where we connect

Then it's off to Newcastle to present my work at School of Design at City Campus East Northumbria University on 9 May, and back into the studio to rehearse for Live_Transmission with Heritage Orchestra, Britain's hippest young classical ensemble. Acting as Musical Director I'm collaborating with video artist Matt Watkins for this immersive multisensory event inspired by one of the UK's most influential bands, Joy Division.

Using the latest sound design and other creative technologies (we will perform inside a giant gauze cube, around which the audience moves), this unique sonic and visual spectacle turns the tables on the conventional concert experience, reflecting Joy Division's experimental, literary and artistic expression. Rather than classical interpretations or cover versions, we will pay homage to the music and signature spirit that defined Joy Division as one of the worlds most progressive 'art' bands. Live_Transmission will be hopefully be touring later this year to other locations so stay tuned.

With only a night for my beauty sleep it's then off to Barcelona to perform my live scores to the short films of Alain Resnais at the celebrated Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Supported by the Screen Festival, Xcèntric and Studio Le Fresnoy this CCCB show, Toute la mémoire du monde, is the only European date for this project at present.

This month The Big Dance School's Pledge kicks off, on 18 May. It's a chance to take part in the World Record attempt for the Largest Simultaneous Dance Routine. Choreographed by Wayne McGrego . It's all part of London 2012 Celebrations/ Joel Cadbury of UNKLE and I composed the score to this work, entitle Céleste. On 14 July we will then be presenting an expansive variation of this with 2000 dancers and full forty minute score in Trafalgar Square in London.

Any readers in Vienna might be interested to check out my new collaboration with artist Michael Anastassiades in a commission from the MAK museum, displayed at Geymüllerschlössel, details below. And whilst global my work for a show about William S.Burroughs is now on display in Göteborg Sweden at Galleri Box until the end of May.

Oh and in the midst of all this I think perhaps I'll have the opportunity to celebrate growing another year older and even a little wiser.

Until next month.

Robin Van Rimbaud
Professor Scanner


::: listen :::
Nils Frahm & Ólafur Arnalds: Stare (Erased Tapes)
Nurse with Wound: Rupture (Dirter)
Carter Tutti Void: V2 (Mute)
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins: Third Swan (Domino)

::: read :::
Jonah Lehrer: How Creativity Works (Canongate)
Daniel Levin Becker: Many Subtle Channels (Harvard)
Damien Hirst: Monograph (Tate)
Yayoi Kusama: Monograph (Tate)

::: film:::
Headhunters, Morten Tyldum, Norway
This Must Be the Place, Paolo Sorrentino, Italy
The Cabin in the Woods, Drew Goddard, USA
Avengers Assemble, Joss Whedon, USA


Time & Again
Collaboration with artist Michael Anastassiades
MAK-Expositur MAK-Branch
Vienna Austria

12 May - 25 November 2012

The timeless objects of the London-based designer oscillate between design product, sculpture, and quality craftsmanship. Under the MAK exhibition pro- gram, Anastassiades makes an artistic contribution to the museum’s new positioning of applied arts. Scanner has produced a series of discrete sound interventions in the building to compliment the installation.

Night Haunts
By Sukhdev Sandhu
Design Mind Unit
Sound Design Scanner

Artangel Interaction invited writer and historian Sukhdev Sandhu to write a nocturnal journal unfolding over the course of 2006. His postings will appear sequentially at this microsite specially designed by Mind Unit. Sandhu's forays see him prospecting in the London night with the people who drive its pulse, from the avian police to security guards, zookeepers and exorcists. Acclaimed artist and musician Scanner has collaborated with Sukhdev and Ian Budden of Mind Unit to compose the sound for the site. If you would like to be kept informed as each episode is posted, join artangel's mailing list by clicking here .

Bittersweet Songs for the Sleepless City
Artangel Interaction

NightJam is the latest project in Artangel Interaction’s Nights of London series of artist-led collaborations with people who have a special view on a hidden side of the nocturnal city. Scanner invited young people at New Horizon Youth Centre in King’s Cross to collaborate on a creative project that expresses how the city at night looks and sounds to their ears and eyes. Through music and voice workshops they explored the sense of freedom and fear, celebration and solitude of the concealing darkness. Meanwhile, they captured their nights on disposable cameras, taking images that are at times eerie, startling, contemplative and funny. NightJam presents two elusive visual and musical journeys through the city’s ‘quiet’ hours.

NightJam presents two music tracks, a film, photographs, that can be experienced and freely downloaded. Additionally it features remixes of NightJam by Stephen Vitiello, Hakan Lidbo, Troy Banarzi, Si-cut.db and Pete Lockett.