November 2009


It’s been a month spent living out a suitcase and indeed this very newsletter is composed en route between Brussels and Amsterdam. I’m beginning to wonder if my home is simply a storage facility for a vast collection of books, CDs, DVDs and clothing, as I flit between cities and continents.


October began in a ghostly fashion performing live in rainy grey Dortmund as part of the closing weeks of Awake Are Only The Spirits exhibition, then it was off to Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing France to begin my role as Professeur Scanner. For the next year I will a Visiting Professor in this brutalist modernist building working with a selection of dynamic and creative students towards the grand Panorama exhibition in June 2010.

In between I jetted over to Italy to finish up work on Sonic States, a special sound design project with the students at the Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design, which will be performed as part of the Club to Club Festival in Torino on 07 November. Then over to Parma to perform at Lenz Rifrazioni Festival Natura Dèi Teatri and release a new album, the soundtrack to a theatrical work, Consegnaci, Bambina, I Tuoi Occhi, from Caperucita Roja by Garcia Lorca. It is an early work by the Andalusian poet about a fairy tale world and the crude realism of life, where Little Red Riding Hood and Saint Francisco go to Heaven to visit the Virgin and Saints. Released on Horus Music/SMS Contemporanea as a small edition CD it will also be available via iTunes and every other digital outlet next month.

A trip to autumnal Vancouver for the New Music Festival was an amusing way to move towards the end of the month with performances and presentations by David Shea, People Like Us, Negativland and others, as well as an opportunity to visit a truly frightening haunted house set up for Halloween.


Photos of this scary adventure can now be viewed on this radically improved, fresh faced website. With the extraordinary dedication of Eric Scott / Day For Night the site features bumper new features such as a photo stream, a radically improved shop and discography that exhaustingly offers out for sale almost everything I have ever released, from remixes, single compilation tracks to full length album releases. A new soundtrack accompanies the site on an expansive wide-screen view of each page and you can also now read every single newsletter since 1996 for those nostalgic moments.

If you are quick enough too you might be fortunate to grab one of the very last copies of a very special release on Dust Science Recordings, run by legendary electronic group The Black Dog. Conversations with the Dead (DS93 003) features five new diverse and uncompromising works only to be heard in an analogue way, on vinyl. Following the model of an art edition there will be only 93 records only, in a custom sleeve, hand numbered and rubber-stamped. There will be no represses, no downloads, no CD compilation and all tracks are exclusive to this vinyl only release.


More widely available this month will be the third Githead album, Landing, our brightest and most accessible album so far. Duly proud of such a release we will be playing some limited European dates in late November, beginning in London at Scala, and over to Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels, as a prelude to a tour in early 2010 around Europe. It features motorik rhythms, boomy funky bass and signature guitars and vocals and is the perfect soundtrack to accompany running marathons and stroking kittens.

On 14 November I will premiere a new work in Vienna at Gartenbaukino, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It’s a little known fact that the composer Edgard Varèse, celebrated for his inventive and sculptural works, abrasive and precise, also acted in this classic 1921 silent movie by Robert L Stevenson, playing the role of a police officer. For this commission I have re-sampled the entire archive of Varese recordings towards a new soundtrack, using digital tools to re-process and re-imagine something that might be heard today if only Varese were still with us.

Then it is off to Porto where I shall be speaking and performing live to mark the 10th anniversary of the digital arts festival, Olhares de Outono Digital at the CITAR from University at Porto. CITAR will host the Festival to highlight progress and achievements in research in digital art field and to discuss future directions, looking towards all perspectives of digital research.

If you were ever curious to learn what I fear the most, what is my favourite ritual, or the most important lessons in life then click here for a playful response.A more engaging and cerebral interview can be found in a fairly unlikely publication this month too, in Engineering & Technology magazine, which covers science, engineering and technology. Enjoy the investigations.

So your friendly professor bids adieu.



::: listen :::

GVSU Music Ensemble: In C Remixed (Innova)
Efterklang & Danish National Chamber Orchestra:Performing Parades (Leaf)
Fucked Up: Chemistry of Common Life (Matador)
Holger Czukay: Ode to Perfume (Claremont)

::: read :::
Cabinet Magazine Issue 35: Dust
Charles Koppelman: Behind the Seen/Walter Murch (New Riders)
Mike Nelson: A Psychic Vacuum (Creative Time)
Beuys is Here (De La Warr Pavilion)

::: film:::
Cold Souls, Sophie Barthes, USA
The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow, USA
Away We Go, Sam Mendes, USA/UK
Up, Pete Docter, USA


Phantom Signals
Horror Come Darkness

Faculty of Arts
Macquarie University
Sydney Australia

24 September – 11 November

Horror, Come Darkness will feature contemporary artists using cinematic effects, literary sources and technological visualisation, painting, stills, installation, and video and sound devices, for effecting the simulation of horror. Linked to popular culture, horror has become — for many — the ultimate adrenalin rush. Inducing mind-altering states, the spectacle of horror manifests itself as a means of escapism from the everyday. Scanner presents a new sound installation ‘Phantom Signals.’

Featuring artists Effy Alexakis, Fabian Astore, Liam Benson, Penny Byrne, Matt Coyle, Mark Davis, Christopher Hanrahan, Alasdair Macintyre, Scanner, Darren Sylvester amongst others.


The Black Cabinet ­ Surveillance and Resistance
Post & Tele Museum
Copenhagen Denmark

09 October 2009 - 24 October 2010

Exhibition exploring a historical look at phone technology and developments. Scanner is presenting early examples of his controversial scanned mobile telephone calls from the 1990s.

Post & Tele Museum

Night Haunts
By Sukhdev Sandhu
Design Mind Unit
Sound Design Scanner

Artangel Interaction invited writer and historian Sukhdev Sandhu to write a nocturnal journal unfolding over the course of 2006. His postings will appear sequentially at this microsite specially designed by Mind Unit. Sandhu's forays see him prospecting in the London night with the people who drive its pulse, from the avian police to security guards, zookeepers and exorcists. Acclaimed artist and musician Scanner has collaborated with Sukhdev and Ian Budden of Mind Unit to compose the sound for the site. If you would like to be kept informed as each episode is posted, join artangel's mailing list by clicking here .


Bittersweet Songs for the Sleepless City
Artangel Interaction

NightJam is the latest project in Artangel Interaction’s Nights of London series of artist-led collaborations with people who have a special view on a hidden side of the nocturnal city. Scanner invited young people at New Horizon Youth Centre in King’s Cross to collaborate on a creative project that expresses how the city at night looks and sounds to their ears and eyes. Through music and voice workshops they explored the sense of freedom and fear, celebration and solitude of the concealing darkness. Meanwhile, they captured their nights on disposable cameras, taking images that are at times eerie, startling, contemplative and funny. NightJam presents two elusive visual and musical journeys through the city’s ‘quiet’ hours.

NightJam presents two music tracks, a film, photographs, that can be experienced and freely downloaded. Additionally it features remixes of NightJam by Stephen Vitiello, Hakan Lidbo, Troy Banarzi, Si-cut.db and Pete Lockett.