October 2005



Have my feet finally touched the earth or are they still throbbing to the rhythm of a plane, a train, a car? In actuality I’ve quite abused my passport in the frequency of travelling over the last month, and what adventures they have brought.

September began with installing and presenting work over in Cork Ireland as part of the ‘Sound Out’ exhibition and closed with the Irish debut of Githead in Dublin. In between I followed my suitcases from one end of the globe to other. My trip to Delhi to present Europa 25 and perform as part of ‘Crosstown Traffic’ at the extraordinary Apeejay Media Gallery couldn’t have been more surreal at times. Experiencing extremes of heat and poverty, with severe air conditioning in a five star hotel to a flow of beggars in the street, a highlight had to be a surprise sighting of the PM’s wife Cherie Blair shopping for sunglasses in a local store, largely unrecognized by the half a dozen fellow shoppers. Whilst amusingly looking on I felt my bag being pulled and turned round to catch the culprit only to be confronted not by a thief but a large hairy monkey staring directly at me. Maintaining a fixed view of each other I reached for my camera whilst he lunged at my bag again and we began a tug-of-war battle to keep my bag in my possession! Thankfully my brute strength won out and I have photos to remember him by. It’s not every day that I fight with a monkey.

Most of the month evaporated whilst touring with Githead (http://www.githead.com) across mainland Europe and Israel. Taking our rock steady crew from Berlin, through Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Cologne, Haarlem, Groningen, Brussels, Dublin to London, we entertained the crowds, no matter how modest or grand the nights were. A highlight had to be performing in Barby Club in Tel Aviv where over 550 people cheered us along to superstardom, and customs offered us VIP treatment with limo and private passport checks, whilst Haarlem offered a more intimate approach when we performed in a private recording studio with a sold out audience of around 70 people with the atmosphere of a library combined with a rock school. Modelling our new ‘GIT’ logo emblazoned Githead t-shirts we will continue to play and perform elsewhere around the globe soon so stay tuned for more rock and roll stories.

Back in the more temperate art world my collaboration with Stephen Vitiello,Heaven and Hell’ recently opened at Solvent Space, Richmond, VA, USA. The show features a 4-channel audio piece created in collaboration with Stephen, reworking recordings of Dolly Parton singing Stairway to Heaven layered over remixes of the Hayseed Dixies version of AC/DC’s song Highway to Hell. Adapting this work to a live performance, its USA debut will be at Gala-Tivoli Theater in Washington DC on 22 October, with accompanying visuals by filmmaker Patrick Power http://www.patrickpower.com. This is part of a multi-media endeavour by choreographer Jane Jerardi who is presenting her new work, Efficiency, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary season of Washington Performing Arts Society. Having written a special Scanner score for this work, the piece is motivated by the history of efficiency and its contemporary manifestation in our modern lives, exploring the morphing of our human relationships in the quest for more "free" time.

Podcasts are a recent curious phenomenon so tune into the Rich Ears podcast to hear some newsworthy Scanner related stories and seductive music, at http://x.libsyn.com/, and then throughout October check into http://www.mayyouliveininterestingtimes.com, where you’ll be able to hear and subscribe to my regular podcasts, in response to my Residency in Wales, culminating in performance at the end of October. As part of this I’d like to ask your help.

Do you have a favourite object? Your necklace? A book? A pair of shoes? Send me a digital photo of your favourite things to this email address and, if you wish, a description of why they are so appealing and special to you. Some of these images will feature in an exhibition in galleries Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno and Chapter in Cardiff at the end of October, as well being shown on the BBC Wales website nearer the date. It's a chance to share something so personal with the world. The more the merrier so please pass this invitation along to others, as I want to present the widest selection of personal responses.

I look forward to receiving as many responses and photographs as possible.

Until next time

Robin Rimbaud

::: listen :::
DJ Rupture: Low Income Tomorrowland (Tax)
Wingdale Community Singers (Agenda)
Cyclobe: The Visitors (Phantom Code)
Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound (Cantaloupe)

::: read :::
Calvin Tomkins: Off the Wall (Penguin)
Molly Kaushal: Chanted Narratives (Indira Gandhi)
William J Mitchell: Placing Words (MIT)
POP (Phaidon Press)

::: film:::
Ivan’s Childhood, Tarkovsky, Russia
A History of Violence, Cronenberg, USA
Tristana, Robert Bresson, France

::: diary dates :::

13-16 Oct   'Messe in Moll': Soviet Exhibition Hall Leipzig Germany
21-22 Oct    Plexus Praxis Maison de la Musique Nanterre France
22 Oct          Efficiency: Tivoli Theatre Washington DC USA
28 Oct          Parallax Beat Brothers: Now Festival Nottingham UK
29 Oct          The Point, Cardiff. Cardiff Festival of Creative Technology Wales UK
02 Nov         Parallax Beat Brothers: Oxford Contemporary Music UK
03 Nov         Parallax Beat Brothers: Brighton Dome Theatre UK
04 Nov         Parallax Beat Brothers: Bath Spa, UK
05 Nov         Parallax Beat Brothers: Phoenix Exeter UK
06 Nov         Parallax Beat Brothers: Warwick Arts Centre UK
12 Nov         Deptford X London
14-18 Nov   Guangzhou Triennial China
25 Nov         Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival presentation
26 Nov         All Frontiers Festival Monfalcone Italy
27 Nov         ‘Blindscape' with TeZ; Roma Europa Italy
03 Dec         Githead Rome Italy
07 Dec         Plexux/Praxis Dome Theatre Albertville France
16 Dec         Play Along, Palais des Beaux-arts, Lille, France
17 Dec         Emo Son festival Bourges France

30-31 Jan & 1 Feb    Plexux/Praxis Centre National de la Danse France
15 March     Scanner Scans Sciarrino: Lisbon Portugal
23 March     Nemesis Commonwealth Games Australia
29 July         Wave Farm Green County NY

::: exhibitions :::

Heaven and Hell
A collaborations with Stephen Vitiello
Solvent Space, Richmond, VA, USA
09 September - 29 October 2005

A 4-channel audio piece created in collaboration with American sound artist Stephen Vitiello. Remixes and transformations of Dolly Parton singing Stairway to Heaven is layered over Scanner's remix of the Hayseed Dixies version of AC/DC’s song Highway to Hell.


What Sound Does A Color Make?
Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Pittsburgh PA USA
04 November - 31 December 2005

Centre for Art & Visual Culture
University of Maryland
Baltimore MD USA
27 January - 07 April 2006

The premiere of What Sound Does a Color Make? features contemporary and historical works by an internationally diverse group of artists who manipulate sound with image and image with sound. The show includes artists who likewise use technology to inspire a renewed consciousness of highly un-technological experiences -- physicality, human cognition, and perception. Featuring work by Scott Arford, Jim Campbell, D-Fuse with Scanner, Granular Synthesis, Gary Hill, Atau Tanaka, Stephen Vitiello, Nam June Paik and others.

What Sound Does a Color Make? is a travelling exhibition (2005-2007) organised & circulated by iCi, curated by Kathleen Forde.


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