March 2005



I’m just about to set off for an adventure in Cork Ireland amongst some of the luminaries of Sound Art: Max Eastley, Christina Kubisch, and Akio Suzuki; where we will all present work later this year as part of Sound Out, a show in the European City of Culture 2005, curated by David Toop. Given that our days will be spent exploring outdoor locations for installation of our work I need to pack my thermal undies and umbrella, two essential items for any contemporary artist.

Speaking of Sound Art, any visitors to London should most certainly invest some time in checking out the Christian Marclay exhibition
It’s a rare chance to catch up with an artist whose work slips between the visual and sound worlds so easily. Imagine a gallery filled with plaster cast telephone handsets, The Beatles back catalogue woven into a tape pillow, a waterfall of tape and his ‘Video Quartet’, a 13 minute film of over 700 film clips collaged together. Accompanying the show will be an extraordinary live performance of his ‘Tabula Rasa’ work, arranged by Steve Beresford, and using a lathe cutting machine which will engrave in real time the sounds created by Marclay, so get along if you can! As part of all this I’ll be working with school children towards a free performance in April inspired by the show, so stay tuned for some future fun.

A few days of interviews over in The Netherlands for my CD, ‘The Radiance of a Thousand Suns Burst Forth at Once’ meant two days of conversation that veered from matrimony, the phenomena of Paris Hilton, to the lack of irony in new music and how to create music and art that offers a positive model for living that doesn’t just sound naïve and idealistic. The CD is now available, as always, at http://www.posteverything.com. Arriving at the same time is my ‘Play Along’ CD composed with cellist Jean Paul Dessy, our string quartet performed by Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, which we’ll also performing live around Europe in the forthcoming months.

A short month over then, and a busy one ahead. Full-time Rock and Roll rehearsals with Githead begin this week for our forthcoming Belgium and London shows. Our debut album, ‘Profile’, is mastered and ready to go, just in time for a hot summer, and we’re hoping for that novelty summer hit of course Then it’s off to Spain to work with contemporary music group Alter Ego and artists D-Fuse on our ‘Scanner Scans Sciarrino’ performances where we deconstruct the elegant works of Sciarrino in live performance, and then, without a break, it’s over to Berlin to present ‘Sound Train Berlin’ with Maix Mayer, our film/sound work that looks at a history of Germany railways and the philosophy of travel.

So, back to the suitcase, as always.

Take care

Robin Rimbaud

::: diary dates :::

03 March      Alsager Arts Centre Chesire UK
08 March      Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Granada Spain
09 March      Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Sevilla Spain
12 March      Githead: Schouwburg Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal Belgium
14 March      Githead: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
17 March       Nemesis: Danse a Lille Festival, France
18-19 March Soundtrain with Maix Mayer: Berlin Germany
05 April          Nemesis: Creteil, Paris
07-09 April    V & D Department store, Toon Festival, Haarlem, The Netherlands
27 April          Barbican Schools Project with Christian Marclay
29 April          Lecture Riga Latvia
6 May             Lecture: Bath Spa University UK
12 May           52 Spaces Elektra Festival Montreal Canada
13 May           Light Turned Down: Elektra Festival Montreal Canada
15 May           Fennesz & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Brussels Belgium
16 May           Fennesz & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Paris France
16,18-19 June Muziekgebouw Amsterdam
25 June         Geneva live performance
27 June         Lecture Art School Geneva
28 June         Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneva opening
29 June         Githead: Cite De La Musique Paris
19 July           Parallax Beat Brothers: with Pete Lockett at Purcell Room London
08 Sept          Scanner Scans Sciarrino: Paradiso Amsterdam (tbc)
01 October    Centro de las Artes Monterrey Mexico (tbc)
14-16 Oct       Messe in Moll: Soviet Exhibition Hall Leipzig Germany
22 October     Efficiency: dance collaboration Washington D.C
4 November   Parallax Beat Brothers: Brighton Dome UK
6 November   Parallax Beat Brothers: Warwick Arts Centre
21-22 Nov       Praxis Dance Nanterre France
10 December Emo Son Festival: Bourges France 2006
4 March           Scanner Scans Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal

::: listen :::
Efterklang: Springer (Leaf)
Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music (Basta Music)
Burial: South london Boroughs (Hyperdub)
65 Days of Static: The Fall of Math (Montreme)

::: read :::
Gilbert Adair: A Closed Book (Faber)
Carsten Nicolai: Anti Reflex (Walter Konig)
Heiner Stachelhaus: Joseph Beuys (Abbeville Press)
Simon Ford: The Situationist International (Black Dog)

::: film:::
Cyclo, Tran Anh Hung, Vietnam
Solaris, Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia
The Good Girl, Miguel Arteta, USA
Battle Royale, Kinji Fukasaku, Japan
::: ::: ::: :::