February 2005


Hi there

Freshly back from Los Angeles where I just performed with Random Dance in two grand performances of Nemesis at UCLA. How strange it is to walk one day on Venice Beach and feel the rays of sunshine, the next to be back on the London Underground and avoiding rain and snow. It was such a pleasure to meet many friends (you know who you are) on this short trip who were able to attend the performances, and to find that next door to my hotel stood the Pierce Bros. Westwood Village Memorial Park where some of the legends of Hollywood are buried - Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, Roy Orbison, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Burt Lancaster, Carl Wilson and Truman Capote.

And remember, you’ve never heard a noise quite like the performance we made for 1600 school children at Royce Hall, where the volume of squealing, screaming teens was overbearing. I felt like Britney Spears for a moment, though I think she still looks better in denim than I do.

My matrimonial music is finally released this week on Steamin’ Soundworks (http://www.steamsounds.com/) Entitled ‘The Radiance of a Thousand Suns Burst Forth at Once’ it was commissioned originally to celebrate the union of two friends in marriage in 2004 in The Netherlands and will be promoted in fashion and home style magazines to encourage more young couples to make a commitment. It’s an extremely romantic and passionate release that will be in stores and online any day now. It’s cheaper than a wedding ring too.

Ever been curious to see what I can see out of my window, or indeed that of others? Well, point your browser to:
where artists all over the globe were asked to share their personal window. We each made field recordings from our geographical viewpoint and took at photo at the same time. Now you can experience a global window. You are also welcome to contribute to this project. Enjoy the ugly view from my gated window in London.

We are just finishing up the Githead (http://www.githead.com) album this week ready for a summer release, and been invited to play as part of the Ether Festival in London on 14 March 2005 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. We’ll be playing alongside Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius who previously combined forces in the bands Neu! and Harmonia and have worked with Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. It should be a most entertaining evening.

I’ll also be performing with Bit Tonic as part of Interplay 3 (http://www.sprawl.org.uk) at The Spitz in London this month. Hosted by the Sprawl posse, it will feature exclusive collaborations between German and English artists, including Pole & Deadbeat, Max Eastley & Freeform, Stefan Mathieu & Si-Cut.Db, Leafcutter John & Janek Schaefer.

Those of you who haven’t as yet taken advantage of the ‘Europa 25’ CD available from free from the British Council in Brussels, should do whilst stocks last. They will send copies anywhere in the world:

I’ve even had letters from Tony Blair and Rem Koolhas offering words of support for this project, so join the throng!

Now, better finish unpacking and get my washing done.

With my best wishes

Robin Rimbaud

::: diary dates :::

10 Feb        Interplay: Spitz London UK
11 Feb        Lecture: Glasgow School of Art
18-20 Feb  McGregor Triple Bill: Uzbekistan
03 March    Alsager Arts Centre Chesire UK
08 March    Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Granada Spain
09 March    Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Sevilla Spain
12 March    Githead: Schouwburg Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal Belgium
14 March    Githead: Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
17 March    Nemesis: Danse a Lille Festival, France
18-19 Mar   Soundtrain with Maix Mayer: Berlin Germany
05 April        Nemesis: Creteil, Paris
07-09 April  Tegentonen Festival The Netherlands
22 April        Fennesz & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Bourges France
27 April        Barbican Schools Project with Christian Marclay
29 April        Lecture Riga Latvia
12 May         52 Spaces Elektra Festival Montreal Canada
15 May         Fennesz & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Brussels Belgium
16 May         Fennesz & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles: Paris France
16,18-19 June   Muziekgebouw Amsterdam
28 June       Centre d'Art Contemporain Geneva opening
08 Sept        Scanner Scans Sciarrino: Paradiso Amsterdam
01 Oct          Centro de las Artes Monterrey Mexico
21-22Nov    Praxis Dance Nanterre France

4 March        Scanner Scans Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal

::: listen :::
Throbbing Gristle: Camber Sands live (Mute)
Wechsel Garland: Liberation Von History (Karaoke Kalk)
LCD Soundsystem (DFA/EMI)]
AFX: Analord Series 1 & 2 (Rephlex)

::: read :::
Nicholas Royle: Antwerp (Serpent’s Tail)
David Sedaris: Dress Your Family in Corduroy & Denim (Abacus)
Cabinet: Issue 16
Ted Hughes: Collected Poems (Faber)

::: film:::
2046, Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong
Criminal, Gregory Jacobs. USA
Farewell, Larissa Shepitko. Russia
Bad Santa, Terry Zwigoff, USA

::: ::: ::: :::