October 2004

Strom Sixty One.


From the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris to the catacombs beneath St Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna, this has been quite an adventurous month indeed, though not always amongst the deceased and snuggly lined up beside millions of other bones!

That naughtily addictive travel bug has struck again and taken me across shores and mountains, from San Francisco sunshine to storms so severe in Milano that only those creatures with gills could fully appreciate it. The Paralympics in Athens put me to shame with its extraordinary feats of endeavor as I struggled to climb the dusty path to the Parthenon, the music of Christian Fennesz and my collaborator Simon Fisher Turner circled the skies of the Planetarium in Paris in a hallucinatory dreamscape. And it doesn’t stop there…

Tune in to:
to watch and listen to my Double Fold show for Kunstradio in Austria. Part of a night of celebratory 80 years of radio in Vienna, it was a hypnotic collaboration with artist Edith Garcia (www.nenadot.com).

As a keen supporter of radio art there’s a great project, Radio 101, happening soon. It’s both a radio event on-line and on-air, 4 October-5 October (http://www.bedfordcreativearts.org). Follow links to BCA Gallery - current - Radio 101. The radio station is on air for the duration of the R101 airship’s flight at the same time in 1930. The R101 was to travel for five days from Bedford in UK to Karachi in India on its maiden voyage, but ended in disaster not far from Paris with only 6 survivors.

Apparently the R101 sent Morse Code messages during the flight and the BBC presented a special live music show to entertain the passengers after dinner. It’s said that the airship was flying at such a low level over the city that the radio could be heard from the ground as it passed overhead. The project will contain dance music from the 20s and 30s, documentary material, as well as special works by Alejandra & Aeron, Chris Bird, Zoë Irvine, Tony Kemplen, Kaffe Matthews, Béatrice Rettig, Mark Vernon, Lisa Whistlecroft and two exclusive new works of mine.

A recent discovery of a small consignment of Scanner: Diary CDs from 2000 can currently be found at http://www.posteverything.com which are available in a very special edition for the moment.
The music on this CD was recorded at live appearances in Montreal, Brussels, Utrecht, New York and Paris at various times between 1996 and 2000, and released in conjunction with a special UK tour. Diary combines cool beats with cinematic atmosphere, adding extracts from telephone conversations, vocal cut ups and modem screeches to the mix. Definitely the last remaining copies of this release, included with each copy of Diary sold on PostEverything is another free CD of remixes from American sound artist, J. Frede Rewrites Scanner's Diary (http://current-recordings.com/jfrede), plus the original flyer and programme from the UK Diary tour.

Whilst there it’s an exclusive chance to buy the debut Githead EP on Swim. Featuring Colin Newman, Malka Spigel and myself, the EP crafts a very accessible style. Not available in the stores until late October, It’s a fine introduction our interweaving guitar lines and funky bassline-driven music. Ideal music for Tupperware parties, for a limited time period, Swim is making a special gift offer. Each order will be shipped with a copy of Malka’s 1998 classic album My Pet Fish. Amongst other things this album features a collaborative track with me which may very well be viewed as Githead mk I in hindsight. Free CDs wherever you turn then….

Following the success of The Future of Sound talks at BAFTA in London earlier this year, I’ll return to the podium alongside Martyn Ware of Heaven 17/ Illustrious, Anna Hill, Charlie Morrow, Paul Gillieron and others at the beautiful victorian auditorium at The Royal Institution of Great Britain (http://www.rigb.org) on 26 October. This will be an opportunity to hear examples of the artist’s work (together with visual accompaniment) incorporating a demonstration of Illustrious’ world-leading ‘Heightened Reality’ 3D surround sound technology.

For curious souls in London, there’s also a great chance to be involved in a very dynamic manner with the London Sinfonietta. You may well have heard of their collaborations with Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher in the past with their sell-out performances, so now’s your chance to help out. For followers of music outside the envelope, you can have the opportunity to share your enthusiasm with others and to help them develop a promotional campaign for new events. Of course, that means free tickets to some fantastic concerts here too!!! Check out the details on http://www.londonsinfonietta.org.uk/jobs, then drop them an email or call 020 7928 0828) by Monday 25 October. It will certainly be most pleasurable!! Tell them I sent you.

A busy month to follow – working with fashion designer Hussein Chalayan (http://www.cypnet.co.uk/ncyprus/culture/mofa/design/chalayan) on his Paris catwalk show, trips to Russian with Random Dance, and rehearsing for our debut European Githead show, it’ll be certain to keep my figure trip and ensure that I sleep at night.

Until next time, I remain



::: diary dates :::

2 Oct Arborescence Festival, Aix-en-Provence, France
7 Oct Hussein Chalayan fashion show, Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris France
8 Oct Sur-Terre: La Ferme du Buisson, Paris
11 Oct Kunsthall, Bergen Norway
13 Oct Lecture/Performance with David Toop: London College of Communications
16 Oct Nemesis with Random Dance: Bolshoi Russia
17 Oct Triple Bill: Grand Pas Festival, Moscow, Russia
26 Oct Lecture: Future of Sound, Royal Institution, London
29 Oct Lecture/Performance Leeds College of Music UK
30 Oct Githead: Les Observatoires Evreux France
6 Nov Play: Musiques Nouvelles Annecy France
11-13 Nov Lokschuppen: Leipzig Germany
19 Nov 52 Spaces: Eyebeam New York USA
23 Nov Sciarrino with Alter Ego: Huddersfield UK
24 Nov Sound & Literature Festival: Aarhus Denmark
27 Nov EU National Anthem: Raffinery Brussels Belgium

13-15 Jan Triple Bill: White Bird, Portland, Oregon USA
19 Jan Triple Bill: UC Riverside, California USA
22 Jan Triple Bill: UC San Diego, USA
28-30 Jan Nemesis UCLA California USA
8 March Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Granada Spain
9 March Scanner Scans Sciarrino, Sevilla Spain
17 March Nemesis: Danse a Lille Festival, France
30 March Nemesis Creteil, Paris
5-6 Dec Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal

::: listen :::
Vladimir Martynov: Night in Galicia (CCnC)
Laurie Anderson: The Record of the Time (Ville de Lyon)
Mark Van Hoen: The Warmth Inside You (Very Friendly)
John Cage: Cheap Imitation (Cramps)

::: read :::
Phoebe Hoban: Basquiat (Penguin)
Various: The Guests go in to Supper (Burning Books)
Beautiful Losers:Contemporary Arts & Street Culture (D.A.P)
Rick Poyner: Independent British Graphic Design Since the 60s (Laurence King)

::: film:::
My Voyage to Italy, Martin Scorsese, USA
Slacker, Richard Linklater, USA
Collana Cinematografica Film Collection, DVD, Italy
Chungking Express, Kar Wai Wong, Hong Kong

::: exhibitions :::

A cultural history of the voice as a medium
ZKM | Museum for Contemporary Art
Karlsruhe Germany
19 September - 30 January 2005

A comprehensive group show exploring the human voice in art. Featuring works by Judith Barry, Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, Marcel Broodthaers, VALIE EXPORT, Asta Gröting, Pierre Huyghe, Golan Levin, Katarina Matiasek & Scanner, Tony Oursler, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm and others.

curated by Lawrence English (Room 40)
14 October - 18 November

As part of 'MAAP in Singapore' an innovative use of public space will be enabled in the transit tunnel between the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and the Singapore CBD area.
The 80 metre tunnel will be installed with speakers, amplifiers and CD players to transform the practical transit experience of walking through the tunnel into a walk in a sonic landscape.
Artists specialising in 'the art of sound' from Korea, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan and Australia will be programmed over a 6 week period in an alternating program embracing cultural diversity through the expressive audio medium.

Gallery Priestor for Contemporary Arts
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
October 2004

Exhibiting artists: Elisabeth Grübl, Manfred Grübl, Katarina Matiasek & Scanner, Elisabeth Penker

::: ::: ::: :::