May 2004

Strom Fifty Six.


It’s a historic day in Europe as we slip closer to one nation under a groove as 10 more countries joined the European Union today and the borders shifted once more in a positive move towards integration. So, welcome….

In parallel with this I am working on a project with the EU for presentation in September this year which will offer a new working National Anthem freely downloadable for all, as well as an installation over in the central hub of Europa - Brussels in Belgium. I’ll keep you posted of this grand experiment.

It’s been another hectic month of traveling, boats, planes and trains, border crossings, passport checks, x-rays, rock and roll, crowdsurfing, and even matrimony. I began the month over in Northern Ireland alongside Dick Mills of the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, who told florid tales of creating the soundtrack for the UK television series Dr Who for over twenty years, bookmarked against performances by Fällt artists (http://www.fallt.com/) Stephan Mathieu, Alorenz and Mikael Stravostrand.

Our debut Githead performance at the ICA in London this month proved to be a baptism of fire but within the chaos of noise some rich beauty could be found. We now have an international booking agent too so we will most certainly be visiting your home town soon.

Tune(In))) at the Kitchen in New York City proved to be a wonderfully entertaining night as at any one moment four simultaneous performances and a channel of video soundtracks were broadcast to the FM radios and headphones of the audience so you could choose to hear who you want via the airwaves. Check back at www.free103point9.org where all the shows will be archived.

Another freebie will be available soon on the Tate Modern website as a remnant of the recent show with Stephen Vitiello and Philip Sherburne. Stephen and I used the original live recordings to produce a unique downloadable work that incorporates both the performances and Philip’s talk following through the ideas of surfaces in music and art. Tune back at regular intervals to:
to download it when available.

As many of you may already have heard the RE-TG gig at Camber Sands UK has had to be cancelled and re-scheduled for next year which is a real shame, but nevertheless I hope to see some of you at the recovened ‘secret’ Throbbing Gristle recording session later this month for DVD release.

Outside of the world of rock and roll, check your cinema listings for the provocative and invigorating new film from Mike Hodges, ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,’ as if you listen attentively you’ll hear several pieces I wrote with composer Simon Fisher-Turner.

Continuing this drowsy theme,and if you’re quite fatigued reading of my exploits, then a new double CD on the esteemed Australian label ::room40:: (http://www.room40.org) will perfectly comfort you. Melatonin – Meditations on Sound in Sleep, features exclusive new works by an exhaustive team of artists, and I would thoroughly recommend it to soothe yourself before slipping under the covers at night. Artists include Chris Watson, Stephen Vitiello, Oren Ambarchi, DJ Olive, Lawrence English, Pimmon, Marina Rosenfeld, Skist, Timeblind, DJ/rupture, John Chantler, Zane Trow, David Toop, Steinbruchel, Philip Samartzis, Martin Ng, Tetuzi Akiyama, Frost, Gail Priest, Tim Koch and Janek Schaefer.

Sweet dreams

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

28 May        Belsay Hall opening with Shelley Fox UK
6 June        52 Spaces: Serralves Museum Portugal
9-16 June  Hue Vietnam project
25 June      Dragonfly with Random Dance Newcastle Glass Centre UK
8-10 July     Forma Nova Festival Denmark
14-16 Aug   ISEA 2004 Helsinki
21 Sept       Starball Paris France
23 Sept       52 Spaces: Villette Numérique Festival Paris France
18-23 Oct   Nemesis with Random Dance Bolshoi Russia
6 Nov          Play: Musiques Nouvelles Annecy France
23 Nov        Sciarrino with Alter Ego: Huddlesfield UK

28-30 Jan  Nemesis UCLA California USA
15-17 May  RE-TG Camber Sands RE-SCHEDULED
5-6 Dec       Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal
::: ::: ::: :::

::: listen :::
Lawrence English: Melatonin (::room40::)
Various: Mitek Process (Mitek)
From The Kitchen Archives: New Music New York 1979 (Orange Mountain)
David Lang: Child (Cantaloupe)

::: read :::
Julie Hecht: Was This Man a Genius? Andy Kaufman (Random House)
Charlemagne Palestine: Sacred Bordello (Black Dog)
Jean-Michel Basquiat (Charta)
Maix Mayer: Hausordnung (KPMG)

::: film:::
Hotaru no haka, Isao Takahata, Japan
Eternal Sunshine, Michel Gondry, US
Monster, Patty Jenkins, US/Germany
The Station Agent, Thomas McCarthy, US

::: exhibitions :::

Fashion At Belsay
Belsay Hall UK
29 May – 30 September
Thirteen fashion designers respond to the historic setting and atmosphere of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. The result is a series of unique installations. Featuring Zandra Rhodes, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Jean Muir, Shelley Fox with Scanner, Agent Provocateur, Julie Verhoeven and Stella McCartney

Elevator Music: Investigations in Experimental Sound
The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs NY USA
31 January – 6 June 2004

Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark
Responding to the space and function of the elevator, artist Robin Rimbaud mixes urban field recordings of airborne bats to create Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark.

::: ::: ::: :::