March 2004

Strom Fifty Four.


It didn’t take long for my travel bug to return and in the last seven days I’ve moved from London to San Francisco, through Alcatraz to Copenhagen and the opening of ‘In-Between’ at Christoffersen Art. So from blue skies and blueberry pie to snow and tall blondes in a matter of days! Bluetooth, Airport and other mobile technology has become ever part of my blood and food to stay in touch with the world.

Most outstanding music news in the last month has been the formation of Githead, the rock band I alluded to in my last correspondence. With Colin Newman of Wire on vocals and guitar, Malka Spigel of Minimal Compact on bass, an expensive computer on drums and me on lead guitar, we have already written and recorded a number of songs for performance and release. Describing the music has been the toughest part and all we could conclude was that it sounded like none of our solo projects at all!! Interestingly all the lyrics have been taken from junk emails so expect songs about mortgages, winning prizes and Viagra. Having watched the School of Rock repeatedly I’ve learnt a number of sharp, sexy moves to use on stage as well as finding out how best to crowd surf! We debut at the ICA in London on 16 April and will follow it with global live dates. We will sell sew-on Githead patches for your denim jackets very soon.

If you have any cash left in your wallet then please return to http://www.posteverything.com as my new full-length album is now available. Entitled Double Fold, it’s loosely themed around the controversial American book of the same title by Nicholson Baker. Double Fold is one extended elastic track focusing on a pulse,128 beats per minute. The book is an exploration of the dismantling of the greatest archives of our recorded heritage, paper as a resource now too fragile to store our history on. I collaged hundreds of fragments from my domestic tape archive to produce what is ultimately a very listenable and funky entertaining album, equally one to sip a martini at the end of the day and tap your foot to, or else to begin the day with the finest Scanner aerobic workout session.

March looks set to be an exceptionally busy month. In between tuning up sessions with the band I’m off to the International University of Andalucía to participate in seminars around narrative and contemporary thinking in art, Slovenia and Zagreb to talk about ghosts, France and Belgium to collaborate with Bugge Wesseltoft and Random Dance and even to sleep now and then.

In rare quiet moments I’ve been enjoying the splendours offered by http://www.illegal-art.org/ which offers countless free downloads of works that taunt and play with copyright. It’s the place to visit to collect the awesome DJ Dangermouse’s collage of The Beatles White Album with Jay Z’s Black Album, Brian Springer’s Spin film which documents the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s, and Todd Haynes Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story film from 1987 which uses Barbie dolls as the principal actors portraying the life of Karen Carpenter and her battle with anorexia. Burn and share.

Stay tuned for more adventures.

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::


5 March         Lecture Bath University UK
12 March      International University of Andalucía Sevila Spain
15 March      Club Kset Zagreb
15 March      Lecture Mama Club Zagreb
16 March      Club Menza pri koritu Ljubljana
18 March      Lecture Croydon College UK
19-20 Mar    n'oublie pas ce que devines Sceaux France
21 March      One Reason To Live at 20.00 GMT
25 March       Festival de Jazz Amiens France with Wibutee
26-27 Mar     Nemesis Les Ecuries Charleroi/Danses International Biennial France
                        with Random Dance Company
1 April             Lecture & Performance University of Ulster Magee Derry Ireland Performance
                        Saninos Derry Ireland
3 April             Art College University of Ulster Belfast Ireland
16 April          Githead debut: Swim Anniversary Night ICA London
17 April          Tate Modern London with Stephen Vitiello
22 April          Tune In: The Kitchen New York
27-28 April    Workshop/Performance with Fennesz Mons Belgium
14-16 May     ‘RE~TG’ / Throbbing Gristle UK
14 June         Agora Festival at Pompidou Centre Paris France

28-30 Jan     Nemesis UCLA California USA


::: listen :::
Kronos Quartet:Harry Partch US Highball (Nonesuch)
The Necks: Drive By (ReR)
Dangermouse: The White/Black Album (bootleg)
Margareth Kammerer: To be an Animal of Real Flesh (Charhizma)

::: read :::
Richard Polsky: I Bought Andy Warhol (Abrams)
AA Bronson: The Quick & The Dead (Power Plant)
Andrew Bolton: The Supermodern Wardrobe (Abrams)
Maria Fusco: Wonderful-Visions of the Near Future (Nesta)

::: film:::
John Cage: From Zero, Frank Scheffer, USA
School of Rock, Richard Linklater, USA
Superstar:Karen Carpenter Story, Todd Haynes, USA
Dogville, Lars von Trier, Den

::: exhibitions :::

Haunted Media
Site Gallery
Sheffield UK
6 February – 17 April 2004

An exhibition of artworks exploring the association of electronic media with the paranormal. Includes works by Susan Collins, S Mark Gubb, Susan Hiller, Scanner, Lindsay Seers, Thomson & Craighead, Patrick Ward

Elevator Music: Investigations in Experimental Sound
The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs NY USA
31 January – 6 June 2004

Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark
Responding to the space and function of the elevator, artist Robin Rimbaud mixes urban field recordings of airborne bats to create Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark.

Christoffersen Art
Copenhagen Denmark
27 February – 26 March 2004

This show envisages an exploration of the power of space. Rooted in our own interest in and theoretical work with this concept, space is here to be understood both as physical space and a psychological space. Space both designates the spaces in which we have our daily routines, live in and are born and die in. Featuring work by Charlotte B. Johansen, Scanner, Morten Schelde, Jens Blendstrup and others.

::: ::: ::: :::