June 2004

Strom Fifty Seven.


Today is a public holiday in the UK and the streets are silent, the phone does not ring and even junk mail is quieter today. I just turned another year older and yet somehow still seem to exhibit the energy of a teenager – as long as I don’t become unduly obsessed with Avril Lavigne and Justin Timberlake I should be fine.

Another month of erratic airport adventures and journeys overseas – a week of the letter B, Bilbao, Brussels and Bath, another week of hopping back and forth from San Francisco to New York, and now June certainly looks set to offer some delights. I’m off to The Netherlands to perform privately at a wedding with a soundtrack I’ve written to capture this romantic moment, (incidentally the music will have a limited release later this year), to the Serralves Museum in Portugal to present 52 Spaces and then, with barely a moment to sleep, directly to Hue in Vietnam. It’s here that I will spend an intense period producing a project with local artists to be presented in public performances to bewilder and relish. As you might imagine, I’m thrilled about these voyages.

After Githead’s storming ICA debut at swim’s 10 year celebration in April further activity beckons for posteverything’s only bona-fide ”supergroup” (just like Blind Faith only with a wittier name). Lucky London residents and visitors can catch “the ‘Head” as special guests to the alchemical gothic sound of Coil at their only London show this year. We are also just completing recording on our debut EP which will be unleashed in early summer. Packaged in slick digipack simplicity, it will capture our infectious, malevolent, subfunk into a giant avalanche of towering proportions. Further live ventures are planned throughout Europe.

Ever been curious about my fashion leanings? Then turn to the high fashion portal at:
and revel in some amusing words about my five favourite fluxuries in life!

At the weekend, the Fashion at Belsay Hall show opened in the glorious English Northumberland countryside. For the next four months the work of designers such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith will be strewn across an English Heritage estate 14 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne in an exhibition which ironically has almost nothing to do with clothes. In collaboration with fashion designer Shelley Fox, I have written a soundtrack using archive interviews with servants from the 1930s and 1940s to accompany her installation exploring the personal history of this grand building.

The exposition ‘Born to be a Star’ also opens this month in Austria. It’s a show exploring the ambivalence of stardom, performative identity structures and the backstage within the framework of female stars in music. Enveloping the entire Kunstlerhaus in Vienna plus the pedestrian underpass outside there will be live acts, projections, sound works and installations. I’ve just completed a new work with artist Katarina Matiasek – we’ve previously created works for Sonic Boom in London as well as toured projects internationally – entitled DIVA. This processes audio and footage of celebrated opera singer Maria Callas into an immersive space where you literally move inside her mouth. My dentist would fully approve.

As always, it’s time for some free music. This month you have two alternatives. The first will strike you directly in the hips and ensure you’ll be tapping your foot in no time at all, the second will directly slow your heart rate down and relax you. So, in that order: as part of the recently postponed Throbbing Gristle RE-TG event in the UK I unfortunately never had the opportunity to play out this mix I’d created for the night so instead here’s your chance to freely download a compressed funky collage of TG:

To settle you down after this, point your browser towards:
where you will find an archive of the Scape 2 event recently produced by free103point9 in NYC. Curated by Jean Barberis & Stefany Anne Golberg, members of the Flux Factory art collective as well as artists from around the world developed a number of sound pieces that interacted with one another by following a rhythm of 60 beats per minute and using a drone that centred on the note D. The goal of the show was to explore the concept of ‘song’ through a collaborative process, in which the artists and musicians worked together to create a coherent group work yet allowing the individual pieces to exist independently. All the pieces were ‘arranged’, physically and musically, in the Flux Factory space, to create a collective song that could be walked through. At a later date there is the intention of releasing this project as a double CD, where two identical CDs could be played together on shuffle mode on two different systems.

Now, that’s quite enough for one month I think!

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

6 June        52 Spaces: Serralves Museum Portugal
9-17 June  Hue Vietnam project
25 June      Dragonfly with Random Dance Newcastle Glass Centre UK
8-10 July     Forma Nova Festival Denmark
14-16 Aug   ISEA 2004 Helsinki
9 Sept          52 Spaces: SFMOMA, USA
22 Sept        Starball Paris France
23 Sept        52 Spaces: Villette Numérique Festival Paris France
16 Oct          Nemesis with Random Dance Bolshoi Russia
29 Oct          Leeds College of Music
6 Nov           Play: Musiques Nouvelles Annecy France
12 Nov         52 Spaces: Eyebeam New York USA
23 Nov         Sciarrino with Alter Ego: Huddlesfield UK

28-30 Jan   Nemesis UCLA California USA
15-17 April  RE-TG Camber Sands
5-6 Dec       Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal
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::: listen :::
Bohren & der Club of Gore: Black Earth (Ipecac)
Erlend Oye: DJ Kicks (K7)
Devendra Banhart: Rejoicing in the Hands (XL)
Richard H Kirk: Detonate/Reworks EP (Grey Area)

::: read :::
Jonathon Coe: Like a Fiery Elephant: The Story of BS Johnson (Picador)
Cabinet Magazine: Issue 13
The Art of Rebellion: World of Streetart (Gingko)
Paul Auster: Collected Prose (Faber)

::: film:::
Kill Bill 2, Quentin Taratino, USA
Caff, Paul Kelly, UK
Brother, Kitano, Japan
Bas Jan Ader film collection, The Netherlands

::: exhibitions :::

Fashion at Belsay
Belsay Hall UK
29 May – 30 September
Thirteen fashion designers respond to the historic setting and atmosphere of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. The result is a series of unique installations. Featuring Zandra Rhodes, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Jean Muir, Shelley Fox with Scanner, Agent Provocateur, Julie Verhoeven and Stella McCartney

Born to be a Star
Kunsterhaus Vienna Austria
18 June – 19 August

Sound, video, installation and performances that investigate the relationship between force and creativity, analyzing the world of glamour, MTV, with a focus on female stars in music.

Elevator Music: Investigations in Experimental Sound
The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs NY USA
31 January – 6 June 2004

Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark
Responding to the space and function of the elevator, artist Robin Rimbaud mixes urban field recordings of airborne bats to create Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark.

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