July 2004

Strom Fifty Eight.


Summer must have officially arrived in London – I’m wearing my jacket, carrying my umbrella, Glastonbury was a mud bath, Wimbledon Tennis paused for rain and the news reports the wettest summer on record.

I debuted my soundtrack for the wedding of Roellis in early June in De Rijp, a tiny picturesque town in The Netherlands. Entitled, ‘The Radiance of A Thousand Suns Burst Forth At Once,’ it is a devotional tribute to friends and will be released as a commercial CD later this year. It’s probably the most romantic music I have ever composed and ideal for candlelit internet sessions.

It was back to Vietnam for more adventures recently too where I spent 10 days in Hue, working with local artists towards a performance beside the Perfumed River. A continuation of the Street Symphony project that we began last year in Hanoi, Vietnam, it used local street cries and sounds as the inspiration for our show. I can barely describe the allure of the location – a wooden hut on stilts in swampy jungles, one electrical cable, 110 degree temperatures, monsoons, snakes, rice and bean curd for lunch, giant crabs chasing me in the swimming pool and DVDs of films yet to even make it to the European cinemas. I’ve edited recordings of our shows and will add them to the MP3 downloads in the near future.

American artist j.frede has cunningly produced a very intriguing CD recently. He has completely remixed an entire album release of mine, ‘Diary’ (1999) which accompanied a CMN tour of the same name throughout the UK. I’ve kept a diary since I was twelve years old, never missing a day since then. Not matter where I am or at what hour I still record each day in writing. The original soundtrack took musical elements from a series of live shows and collaged them together. J. Frede has produced an extremely elegant and expansive rewrite of this work. More information can be found at http://www.current-recordings.com.

My collaboration with American artist Mike Kelley (www.mikekelley.com/), ‘Esprits de Paris,’ from our show at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, is now also available at http://www.posteverything.com/bette It features processed recordings of haunted locations in Paris, so it’s your chance to listen to the ambience of the building where Jim Morrison of The Doors passed away and Edith Piaf’s grave.

Speaking of which over the summer months we will be offering various little perks and deals where you can receive free product if you spend over a modest amount. The free CDs will be otherwise unavailable for sale so it might interest some of you with cash left over the summer. Please check back at posteverything.com.

July is Githead month with the mastering of our debut EP and our biggest show yet as special guests with Coil in London in what should be a remarkable live show, if it’s anything like the one I caught in Amsterdam recently where Coil wore outfits that resembled three metre high lampshades!

Now, I have go and check if my clothes have dried for another day in the sunshine!

Best wishes



::: diary dates :::

8-10 July    Forma Nova Festival Denmark
25 July        Githead with Coil: Ocean, London
14-16 Aug  ISEA 2004 Helsinki
28-29 Aug  Six Thousand Chairs: Crystal Palace, London
3 Sept         Re-Inventing Radio: Vienna/Linz Austria
9 Sept         52 Spaces: SFMOMA, USA
22 Sept       Starball Paris France
23 Sept       52 Spaces: Villette Numérique Festival Paris France
26 Sept       Double Fold: Transart, South Tirol, Italy
30 Sept       EU National Anthems: Brussels, Belgium
16 Oct         Nemesis with Random Dance: Bolshoi Russia
29 Oct         Leeds College of Music
6 Nov          Play: Musiques Nouvelles Annecy France
19 Nov        52 Spaces: Eyebeam New York USA
23 Nov        Sciarrino with Alter Ego: Huddlesfield UK

28-30 Jan   Nemesis UCLA California USA
15-17 April  RE-TG Camber Sands
5-6 Dec       Sciarrino with Alter Ego Lisbon Portugal

::: listen :::
DJ Spooky: Celestial Mechanix (Thirsty Ear)
Various: Rock’s Role-After Ryoanji (Art In General)
!!!: Louden Up Now (Warp)
Fourtet: Copenhagen (Domino)

::: read :::
Michelangelo Antonioni (Taschen)
Susan Hilller: Recall (Baltic)
Matt Woolman: Sonic Graphics (Thames & Hudson)
Splendid Pages-Modern Illustrated Books (Toleda Museum)

::: film:::
The Cooler, Wayne Kramer. US
Ju-on:The Grudge, Takashi Shimizu, Japan
The Ladykillers, Coen Brothers, US
Come & See, Elem Klimov, Russia

::: exhibitions :::

Fashion at Belsay
Belsay Hall UK
29 May – 30 September
Thirteen fashion designers respond to the historic setting and atmosphere of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. The result is a series of unique installations. Featuring Zandra Rhodes, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Jean Muir, Shelley Fox with Scanner, Agent Provocateur, Julie Verhoeven and Stella McCartney

Born to be a Star
Kunsterhaus Vienna Austria
18 June – 19 August
'Diva' projection installation created with Katarina Matiasek as part of group show. Sound, video, installation and performances that investigate the relationship between force and creativity, analyzing the world of glamour, MTV, with a focus on female stars in music.

::: ::: ::: :::