January 2004

Strom Fifty Two.


I’m writing this on the last day of the year, still recovering from the nasty flu that Santa very ungenerously gave me for Christmas, which has meant that most of my festive time was spent sleeping beneath the Christmas tree close to a warm radiator.

The streets here are full of bargain hunters, shoppers and children happy to be away from School for the season but I’m safely hidden indoors continuing to work towards new projects and adventures.

Qualia finished performances at the Royal Opera House in London, with an extraordinary reception, reviewers raving that the work ‘put the dancers in touch with a future the rest of us haven't really glimpsed…with a genuine seam of strangeness in the work. The eerily atmospheric score locks every sinew into its driving, seething rhythms. The combined technical challenge of spine-snapping speed, off-centre balance and kooky detail is clearly relished by every dancer.’ I’ll definitely be releasing this soundtrack as a limited edition EP in 2004, so please stay tuned for that.

Posteverything.com will also be exclusively selling some very limited supplies of releases in the New Year too, including the soundtrack to the Western Australian project, Echo Ricochet, as well as some vinyl editions. Speaking of new music, a fine way to get fit in 2004 would be to continue your work-out to the sounds of IC1 - The birth of Industrial Cool, an international compilation of tracks based around the given theme of sounds from a Swedish sugar refinery. Coming to a record store near you on 23 January 2004, contributing artists include, amongst others, these internationally renowned names: Håkan Lidbo, Lowfour, Pheek, Tonne, Rechenzentrum, Sophie Rimheden, Apparat, Uniform and Jay Haze, and naturally it includes a ‘damn funky’ Scanner track!

After you have finished your fitness routine and taken a shower I would suggest a more meditative perusal of the latest edition of the Leonardo Music Journal, Groove, Pit and Wave: Recording, Transmission and Music.

This special issue of LEA focuses on the role of recording and/or transmission in the creation, performance and distribution of music. As you are aware, today sound is encoded in grooves on vinyl, particles on tape and pits in plastic; it travels as acoustic pressure, electromagnetic waves and pulses of light. Today turntables, CD players, radios, tape recorders are played, not merely heard; scratching, groove noise, CD glitches, tape hiss and radio interference are the sound of music, not sound effects.

Contributing their thoughts on these topics are amongst others Yasunao Tone, Douglas Kahn with Christian Marclay, Nick Collins, Guy-Marc Hinant, Sérgio Freire and Philip Sherburne. Accompanying this is an audio CD, ‘Splitting Bits, Closing Loops: Sound on Sound’, curated by Philip Sherburne, featuring pieces from an eclectic mix of composers/performers: AGF, M. Behrens, Alejandra & Aeron, DAT Politics, Stephan Mathieu, Francisco López, Institut fuer Feinmotorik, Janek Schaefer, Steve Roden, Scanner, and Stephen Vitiello. A fine CD for your library collection!

Now, everyone has heard the argument that contemporary art is rubbish. British Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster literally create their work with junk. Known for the piles of rubbish, which then create silhouettes of the artists, their work touches on the louche quality of celeb life among other things. With light-up dollar signs, boozing and smoking silhouettes, resin primitive man self-portraits, they've confessed that they find inspiration in music -- specifically the Punk spirit, hence the anarchic of their approach. I recently had an extended conversation with Sue Webster which can be found as part of the very fine kultureflash.com site. Focus your browser towards:

So, I bid thee farewell and wish you well for a contented, creative and comfortable 2004.

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::


16 Jan "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Bonlieu – Annecy France
21 January 52 Spaces: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York
24 Jan ‘52 Spaces’: Netmage Festival Bologna Italy
3,5 & 7 Feb 'Nemesis' Tel Aviv Israel with Random Dance Company
13 Feb "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Armentières France
17 Feb Lecture: The Future Of Sound conference BAFTA London
with Martyn Ware, Jon Wozencroft
12 March Sevila Spain (tbc)
19 & 20 Mar "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Sceaux France
25 Mar Festival de Jazz Amiens France with Wibutee
26 & 27 Mar ‘Nemesis’ Les Ecuries Charleroi/Danses International Biennial France
with Random Dance Company
1 April Lecture & Performance Univeristy of Ulster Ireland
22 April ‘Tune In’: The Kitchen New York
14-16 May ‘RE~TG’ / Throbbing Gristle UK
14 June Agora Festival at Pompidou Centre Paris France

::: listen :::
DJ Olive: Bodega (the Agriculture)
Tricky: Back to Mine (DMC)
Rhythm & Sound: Versions (Basic Channel)
Coil: The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence (Beta-Lactam Ring)

::: read :::
Maurizio Cattelan: Monograph (Phaidon)
Robert Gober: Sculpture & Drawing (Walker Art Centre)
Gordon Matta-Clark: Monograph (Phaidon)
Virginia Woolf: The Waves (Grafton)

::: film:::
Life of David Gale, Alan Parker, USA
Spike Jonze, Directors Label, USA
Chris Cunningham, Directors Label, USA
Baader-Meinhof:In Love with Terror, Ben Lewis, UK

::: ::: ::: :::