February 2004

Strom Fifty Three.


As the year rapidly dissolves, projects begin to take shape for the year to come, my travel addiction returns and sleep is again a necessary interruption.

I spent one week in January battling through the blizzards known as upstate New York to install work at the Tang Museum in Saratoga Springs and perform at RPI in Troy. In between I managed to hang out with the remarkable composer Pauline Oliveros and travel to Bologna for the Netmage Festival where the focus was on the relationship between the visual and the audio, although shopping in the boutiques in Italy seemed to be an equal attraction to all as well.

February brings with it some very unusual projects. I’ll be reading texts at My Kylie, the culmination of an 18 year project by Australian artist Kathy Temin, focused around the pert figure of singer and princess Kylie Minogue at the ICA in London. The evening is part of an on-going project by Ms Temin exploring the notion of fandom, following from A Magazine (as part of My Kylie Collection) which is a publication and artist’s project in which Kylie is the vehicle for generating dialogue about celebrity, fandom, fantasy and imitation. Contributors to the publication include Polly Borland, Julie Burchill, Matthew Collings, Lee Ranaldo, Georgina Starr, Jemima Stehli, Matthew Higgs, Jessica Voorsanger, Cerith Wyn Evans and yes, Scanner. Some of these people will be present at the ICA and remember, it’s a chance to wear your petite cropped shorts and dance around to some pleasurable tunes.

I also have work opening as part of Haunted Media, an exhibition of artworks exploring the association of electronic media with the paranormal at the Site Gallery in Sheffield UK. The show features material by Susan Collins, Susan Hiller, Thomson & Craighead, Patrick Ward and others and should prove to be a very unnerving experience indeed. My psychic told me it would be most entertaining.

In the next few days http://www.posteverything.com will have copies of the Echo Ricochet CD from Australia available as well as the last remaining copies of the Zero G 12” from 2003 with three very groovy beat tracks, so perfect timing for Valentine’s Day gifts.

The Art of Listening’ is the theme of issue 15 of Janus magazine from Belgium (http://www.janusonline.net). Compiled by Riccardo Giagni, a musicologist and composer, this intriguing issue features writings about sound and vision, including, a dialogue between Socrates, Aristotle and Plato about music, singing painters, John Cage, RadioArteMobile, Mario Merz and even a humble manifesto from yours truly. An accompanying CD should also entertain you.

Unrelated to my projects but with my full recommendation are two shows as part of the Contemporary Music Network here in London. Nobukazu Takemura is performing throughout the UK with his Child’s View Band (http://www.dotcog.com/cmn/takemura/index.htm), as is the agile drummer Bobby Previte with his Constellations Ensemble (http://www.dotcog.com/cmn/bobby/index.htm). I’ll most certainly be there.

For those of you with too much time on your hands and wondering how my hair looks and my suntan these days, then you can point your browers towards
to watch an interview and performance in Paradiso Amsterdam from 2003.

Rehearsals are under way in London too for my new guitar band project with some rather special luminary figures towards a London show in April. Stay tuned for more on this as the songs are written!

Now, back to tuning my guitar and washing my bandana.


Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::


3 Feb          My Kylie: ICA London
12 Feb       Lecture University of Plymouth UK
13 Feb       n'oublie pas ce que devines Armentières France
17 Feb       Lecture: The Future Of Sound conference BAFTA London with Martyn Ware,
                    Jon Wozencroft
5 March      Lecture Bath University UK
9 March      Collaboration with Urs Fischer Paris France (tbc)
12 March    Sevila Spain
18 March    Lecture Croydon College UK
19-20 Mar  n'oublie pas ce que devines Sceaux France
25 Mar        Festival de Jazz Amiens France with Wibutee
26-27 Mar  Nemesis Les Ecuries Charleroi/Danses International Biennial France
                     with Random Dance Company
1 April          Lecture & Performance University of Ulster Magee Derry Ireland
                     Performance Saninos Derry Ireland
3 April          Art College University of Ulster Belfast Ireland
16 April       Swim Anniversary Night ICA London
17 April       Tate Modern London with Stephen Vitiello
22 April       Tune In: The Kitchen New York
27-28 April  Workshop/Performance with Fennesz Mons Belgium
14-16 May   ‘RE~TG’ / Throbbing Gristle UK
14 June       Agora Festival at Pompidou Centre Paris France

28-30 Jan    Nemesis UCLA California USA


::: listen :::
DJ Spooky: Rhythm Science (Sub Rosa)
Air: Talkie Walkie (Source)
Elliot Smith: XO (Dreamworks)
Minimal Compact: Returning Wheel box set (Crammed)

::: read :::
Stephen Vitiello: Sounds Found (Onestar Press)
S.O.S.:Scenes of Sounds (Tang Museum)
Cabinet Magazine 12: The Enemy
Simon Armitage: The White Stuff (Viking)

::: film:::
The Safety of Objects, Rose Troche, USA
Elephant, Gus Van Sant, USA
Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola, USA
Spellbound, Jeffery Blitz,USA

::: exhibitions :::

Haunted Media
Site Gallery
Sheffield UK
6 February - 20 March 2004

An exhibition of artworks exploring the association of electronic media with the paranormal. Includes works by Susan Collins, S Mark Gubb, Susan Hiller, Scanner, Lindsay Seers, Thomson & Craighead, Patrick Ward

Elevator Music: Investigations in Experimental Sound
The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs NY USA
31 January – 6 June 2004

Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark
Responding to the space and function of the elevator, artist Robin Rimbaud mixes urban field recordings of airborne bats to create Ricochet – Seeing in the Dark.

Christoffersen Art
Copenhagen Denmark
27 February – 26 March 2004

This show envisages an exploration of the power of space. Rooted in our own interest in and theoretical work with this concept, space is here to be understood both as physical space and a psychological space. Space both designates the spaces in which we have our daily routines, live in and are born and die in. Featuring work by Charlotte B. Johansen, Scanner, Morten Schelde, Jens Blendstrup and others.

::: ::: ::: :::