September 2003

Strom Forty Eight.


Sixteen weeks until Christmas, the radio informs me. How unsettling.

My respite from travelling is over and the bug kicks in again this month with lots of adventures which I hope some readers can come along to enjoy. Off to Amsterdam this week for the ‘Night of the Unexpected’ where a series of artists will perform 20 minute live sets, amongst them being Mouse on Mars, Carsten Nicolai, Charlemagne Palestine, Eboman and David Toop and Max Eastley. Then to Copenhagen for 52 Spaces, Aberdeen for a Bip_Hop evening, Istanbul for the "ctrl_alt_del" event with Kim Cascone, Paul Devens, Merzbow & Matt Wand, and arguably the strangest of all to Warsaw for the 46th Autumn Festival. It’s here that I shall be using only the sound of the audience for a performance in a grand Polish theatre. I just hope that people come along, or else there’s no soundtrack!

I recently wrote the soundtrack to a theatre work in Adelaide Australia which opens this week. Though many people won’t be able to actually experience the theatrical experience, take a look at their related website which offers a further exploration into the work and ideas:

The project looks at the impact of technology on our lives, how it has reduced distance, how we can speak to someone across the world, how we can develop relationships across the world, how we can now create artwork across the world. How do we respond to this situation and what does it mean for us as humans?

Back to the rock and roll world and later this month you can hear my remix on Tino Corp. Records release of Meat Beat Manifesto, Storm the Studio R.M.X.S. This album includes thirteen exclusive remixes by a diverse group of artists/producers whose creative strokes speaks to the spirit of the original record's core amalgam of hip hop, dub, electronic sounds and hard beats. Well worth investing in, it features tracks from Antipop Consortium's High Priest, DJ Spooky, Merzbow, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Komet, The Opus, Jonah Sharp and many others.

Now time for this months freebie! My last BBC radio piece, ‘The Woman with the Fork and Knife Disaster,’ is now available to listen and download at the prestigious site:

Please copy and enjoy.

Now, back to work…

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

4     Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands
6     52 Spaces: Vega Copenhagen Denmark
12   Bip Hop night in Aberdeen Scotland UK
20   Babylon Istanbul Turkey
22   Rozmaitosci Theater Warsaw Poland
27   Toulouse France

2     Presentation: New City Art Gallery Auckland New Zealand
3     Interdigitate: St James Complex Auckland NZ
4     52 Spaces: Adam Art Gallery Wellington NZ
23   Concertgebouw Brugge

4     "n'oublie pas ce que devines" La Rochelle France
14   Hanoi Opera House Vietnam
21    Awesome Festival Perth Australia
26   "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Tours France
27    Atlantic Waves Festival 93 Feet East London
30    Cite Des Sciences Paris France with Luc Ferrari

3-12 Dec Royal Opera House London with Royal Ballet

16 Jan "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Bonlieu – Annecy France
21 Jan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York
5,6 & 7 Feb 'Nemesis' Tel Aviv Israel with Random Dance Company
13 Feb "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Armentières France
19 & 20 Mar"n'oublie pas ce que devines" Sceaux France
14-16 May RE~TG / Throbbing Gristle UK


::: listen :::
Si-Cut.Db: Find Some Shade (Highpoint Lowlife)
The Neptunes:Present Clones (Star)
James Tenney:Selected Works (New World)
Frost: Steel Wound (::Room 40::)

::: read :::
Paul Morley: Words & Music (Bloomsbury)
Cabinet magazine issue 11: Flight
David Keenan: England’s Hidden Reverse (SAF)
Mike Nelson: A Forgotten Kingdom (ICA)

::: film :::
Songs from the Second Floor, Roy Andersson, Sweden
Phone Booth, Joel Schumacher, USA
Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant Garde 1893-1941
Buffalo Soldiers, Gregor Jordan, USA/Ger/UK

::: ::: ::: :::