October 2003

Strom Forty Nine.


The addictive travel bug has returned. In the last seven days I’ve been adventuring around Europe in various situations – from exploring the street markets of Istanbul with fellow artists Kim Cascone and Matt Wand in constant search of magical goods, to Warsaw to amplify the conversations of theatre patrons, to Toulouse to perform outdoors in the first rainfall in meteorological history at this time of the year and now off to New Zealand, and hence the early nature of this mailing, as I’ll be enjoying endless straight to video movies for the next few days in transit!

Some of you may have heard of the work I produced last year in the Hopital Raymond Poincarré in Garches, near Paris, which is famous for treating road injury victims. The chief pathologist Doctor Michel Durigon decided it was time to create a Salle des Departs, a place where families and friends could come to say goodbye to their loved ones without, as he says, “having to suffer sickly background music and a red carpet”. The result was a commission for a groundbreaking piece of art: a room designed by Italian artist Ettore Spaletti, and later a musical soundscape which I was invited to contribute, alongside American composer David Lang of Bang on a Can.

On 13 October 2003, BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a documentary about this extraordinary project at 20.30. Entitled The Last Goodbye, it features the original demos for the work, previously unheard, as well as interviews with everyone involved in the project. You can hear it live online at
after which it will be archived and available to listen to under the ‘Science’ section. Interestingly enough they will be presenting the musical commissions in full as well as other material that the radio programme itself could not use in the time slot allotted. As always I will also make the work available at ubu.com so you can download it for keeps if you’d like to.

As it’s moving closer to the festive season too, it might be a good time to purchase the Contemporary Art Diary published by the Unicef charity. I contributed some photo work alongside 56 more well known artists such as Mona Hatoum, Mark Dion, Olaf Nicolai, Damien Hirst and Gary Hume. Each week features a beautiful reproduction and a description of the artist's work. A perfect excuse to map out your trips to the gym, supermarket and hairdressers.

Once again if you point your browser and ears along to:
you can have a listen to a repeat live set of mine on 19 October. It’s worth checking out the site for other exclusive presentations, Dj sets and live shows from Plaid, Orbital, Biosphere, Acid Junkies, µ-ziq, Hermann and Kleine, amongst countless others.

Now, best get my head down in the studio and back to work.

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::


2 Oct Presentation: New City Art Gallery Auckland New Zealand
3 Oct Interdigitate: St James Complex Auckland NZ
4 Oct 52 Spaces: Adam Art Gallery Wellington NZ
23 Oct Concertgebouw Brugge
4 Nov "n'oublie pas ce que devines" La Rochelle France
14 Nov Hanoi Opera House Vietnam
21 Nov Awesome Festival Perth Australia
26 Nov "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Tours France
27 Nov Atlantic Waves Festival 93 Feet East London
30 Nov Cite Des Sciences Paris France with Luc Ferrari
3-12 Dec Royal Opera House London with Royal Ballet


16 Jan "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Bonlieu – Annecy France
21 Jan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York
5,6 & 7 Feb 'Nemesis' Tel Aviv Israel with Random Dance Company
13 Feb "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Armentières France
19 & 20 Mar  "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Sceaux France
14-16 May RE~TG / Throbbing Gristle UK


::: listen :::
Yoshihiro Hanno: <ES:> (Sub Rosa)
David Sylvian: Blemish (Samadhisound)
Plastikman: Closer (Novatmute)
Robert Wyatt: Cuckooland (Hannibal)

::: read :::
Visit 6: Govett Brewster Art Gallery journal
John Walters: Art – A Sex Book (Thames & Hudson)
Tom Gunn: Boss Cupid (Faber & Faber)
Roy Porter: Flesh in the Age of Reason (Allen Lane)

::: ::: ::: :::