November 2003

Strom Fifty


It’s not often that I become embroiled in what is professionally known as a ‘National Disaster’ but I was recently enjoying the relative peace of my hotel room in Wellington, New Zealand, when the BBC news announced that this very area was officially a disaster zone (and that’s even before I played my live show). I sat dismayed watching images of cars being washed away by floods from rain that had not ceased falling from the skies for 36 hours, and most dramatically footage of a hotel that had been completely washed away in a landslide. I took this a sign to take a comforting walk outside and enjoy the sites, whilst they remained. Amazingly the centre of the city remain unscathed yet still very damp indeed.

My feet struck the pavements of London for but a day until I flitted off again, to San Francisco for a healthy bout of shopping and to Belgium to play an intimate show with fellow troubadour in sound, DJ Spooky, in the incredible architecture of the Concertgebouw Brugge. Waking with breakfast in bed (it’s really a city to spoil yourself in) I opened the heavy velvet curtains in my hotel room to witness the city covered in snow. Winter has now officially arrived here in Europe. As such I’m packing my suitcase again and setting off to Vietnam and Australia in the next weeks.

I’ll be working with recordings of local street market sellers in Vietnam towards a show at the Opera House in Hanoi, then off to Perth to participate in the amusingly entitled Awesome Festival where I shall be creating a walk through the city, sourced from recordings of over a dozen localities and workshops with children.

Back in London at the end of the month I’m taking part in the Atlantic Waves 2003 Festival.
This is the largest ever celebration of Portuguese music, outside of Portugal itself, featuring many of Portugal's most distinguished artists performing a variety of music. As part of this cultural mix-up I’ll be collaborating with Vitor Joaquim and visual artists Pure from Austria. Then I’m off to work with the distinguished musique concrete composer Luc Ferrari at the Planetarium in Paris, by which time it’s almost time for the Christmas parties.

I’m very proud to wear the badge of Contributing Editor to KulturFlash now. It’s a subscription newsletter and website that details information about what’s happening in London but is also an invaluable resource in terms of links and information for arts and entertainment. Point your browser towards:

This week alone for example embraces the Turner Art Prize, Danish artist Olafur Eliasson 's glowing orb at Tate Modern, video-artist-in-residence Doug Aitken, Belle and Sebastian, Monster Warp Party, Ennio Morricone’s 75th Birthday, Armani: Sex, Sirens and Sharp Suits, Jello Biafra, Michael Moore and so on.

Releases? Well, another month and more releases. Take a look at:

Unknown Public is both a journal and a compilation CD, ‘a creative music festival for the front room’ beautifully packaged in a hardback book format that incorporates essays, credits, annotations and biographical details. UP15, Dancing / Listening, exploits this format with some outstanding contemporary dance photography, essays by Michael Nyman, Shobana Jeyasingh and Orlando Gough and music from Gavin Bryars, Robert Wyatt, Penguin Café Orchestra, Stomp amongst others. I’ve written about my working history with dance and contributed music from the Random Dance Company piece, Nemesis. By the way, Unknown Public is not available in conventional record stores.

For a more funkadelic groove laden distraction you can hear some of my hip swinging, bootie baiting, pole dancing music on the new compilation from Electronation in association with my friends Boudisque and Kink FM in The Netherlands. I’m in the very fine company of Anthony Rother, Drexciya, DMX Krew, Minny pops, Vive la Fete, Terry Toner and many other artists.

Some of you may have noticed that the scannerdot.com website has also been recently updated with details of interviews and so on. Next move is to offer special monthly free downloads, miniature special releases available only here.

So, best find time now to put on my Halloween costume and frighten some local children.

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::


4 Nov "n'oublie pas ce que devines" La Rochelle France
14 Nov Hanoi Opera House Vietnam
21 Nov Awesome Festival Perth Australia
26 Nov "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Tours France
27 Nov Atlantic Waves Festival 93 Feet East London
30 Nov Cite Des Sciences Paris France with Luc Ferrari
7 Dec ‘52 Spaces’: Dundee Contemporary Arts
3,4,9,11 & 12 Dec ‘Qualia’: Royal Opera House London with Royal Ballet
12 Dec Electronation launch party 33 Club London


16 Jan "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Bonlieu – Annecy France
21 Jan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York
24 Jan ‘52 Spaces’: Netmage Festival Bologna Italy
5,6 & 7 Feb 'Nemesis' Tel Aviv Israel with Random Dance Company
13 Feb "n'oublie pas ce que devines" Armentières France
19 & 20 Mar"n'oublie pas ce que devines" Sceaux France
25/26 Mar Festival de Jazz Amiens France with Wibutee
22 April ‘Tune In’: The Kitchen New York
14-16 May ‘RE~TG’ / Throbbing Gristle UK
1-7 June Agora Festival at Pompidou Centre Paris France


::: listen :::
Brian Eno: Curiosities Vol 1 (Opal)
Various: 33 RPM Ten Hours of Sound from France (23 Five)
Pyle & Zealley: Proteus (Valmouth Audio)
The Hafler Trio: A Small Child Dreams…(Important)

::: read :::
Kim Hiorthoy: Money Will Ruin Everything (Rune Grammofon)
Roger Lewis: Anthony Burgess (Faber)
Mike Nelson: Magazine (Book Works)
Francis Spufford: Backroom Boys (Faber)

::: film:::
Intolerable Cruelty, Coen Brothers, USA
Mystic River, Clint Eastwood. USA
Possible Worlds, Robert LePage, Can
Owning Mahowny, Richard Kwietniowski, USA

::: ::: ::: :::