May 2003

Strom Forty Four.


Summer is finally on the way and with it the usual rain clouds and chilly winds that London kindly offers.

But May time brings with it not only my birthday (gifts and flowers always welcome) but one of the strangest opportunities for performance in some time. As part of ‘Bodycraze’ at Selfridges Department Store in Oxford Street, London, I’m collaborating with Random Dance Company to create a new work, Bio-logical, which will be performed within the store itself. It’s part of a month-long festival which explores our fascination with the human body in all its diversity. This fairly orthodox setting will temporarily house a piercing clinic, a tattoo parlour and a women’s sex store whilst on specific days all manner of alternative performances will occur. On the 21 May I’ll be actually performing live for free during the day within the store, so it’s an ideal opportunity to bring your presents in!

A slight delay on the release of my collaborative live CD with Stephen Vitiello on Sub Rosa is excused this month I hope by the honorable fact of my being part of the second anthology of noise & electronic music in the Sub Rosa series. It’s an outstanding series which for this edition feaures rare and often unreleased works by Luc Ferrari, Autechre, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Tod Dockstader amongst many others. An ideal library edition to impress your visiting friends.

This months free music can be found at:

The entire InvalidObject series can be downloaded here, that’s 360 tracks from the likes of Pita, Kim Cascone, Taylor Deupree, Richard Chartier and my ‘Case’ CD all of which were initially released commercially n very limited numbers. Make the most of this whilst it’s there.

If you wish you have a good giggle this month too, check out the latest edition of Future Music publication which features an entertaining 6 page feature with Max Tundra and myself making sweet music together. If you ever wondered how Mexican Wrestling masks and home made soup assist in the creation of music then this is the perfect chance to see how.

On that discordant note I bid farewell until next month.

Au revoir

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

6, 8 & 9     Nemesis with Random Dance Company: Het Muziektheater Amsterdam
15 & 16    Bio-logical Manchester Exchange Square UK
15-17       Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poland
17-18        Bio-logical Manchester Trafford UK
21              Bio-logical at Selfridges Store London UK
(and subsequently on 22, 24, 25, 29, 31 May)
22             World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam
29             Nemesis: The Exodos Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
31             Le Mange.Mons with David Shea, Brussels, Belgium

6               Nemesis: Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia
7               Sonic Recycler
27-29       Nemesis: Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, La Biennale, Venice

1               Nemesis: Istanbul, Turkey
6               Nemesis: Ankara, Turkey

::: exhibitions :::

Echo Days
Art in Social Spaces
Museum of Contemporary Art
Roskilde, Denmark
March 22 - May 25 2003

Into the Blue
Scanner solo show
Studio of Young Artists Association

::: listen :::
Rafael Toral: Engine (Touch)
DJ Spooky: Dubometry (Thirsty Ear)
Grubbs/Gustafsson: Off-Road (Blue Chopsticks)
Mouse On Mars: Post Rocks (Too Pure)

::: read :::
W.G. Sebald: The Rings of Saturn (Vintage)
Nicholas Royle: The Director’s Cut (Abacus)
Geert Lovink: Uncanny Networks (MIT)
Alain de Botton: Kiss & Tell (Picador)

::: film :::
Europa, Lars Van Trier
Short Films. David Lynch
Pynchon:A Journey into the Mind of P, Donatello Dubini
Lilja 4-Ever, Lukas Moodysson

::: ::: ::: :::