March 2003

Strom Forty Two.


Time seems to have accelerated at an inconceivable pace ­ at one moment I was showered in red roses with angels sprinkled all around my laptop shaped four poster bed for Valentine’s Day and now it’s March already.

I’m pleased that so many people took up the offer of downloading my live concert for free at Transmediale last month and so in continuing this free mood, something for nothing flavour, I recommend to point your mouse towards:

Where you will find a relatively intense and detailed interview some textures and sounds that you welcome to download and use in your own creations if you so desire. You can also view some beautiful photographs of the Garches hospital project in France, where I created the soundtrack for a working morgue. The news section is also worth tuning to on a regular basis as they present intriguing connections around the globe.

For Londoners or travellers only there is another freebie this weekend with ‘Nerd’ at the Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms on Sunday 9 March where I shall be mixing up session of vinyl and live material to set the teenagers alight. Bring oxygen if you attend as the basement gets awfully hot!

Outside of work, London is a current hot bed of activity in the next week, with reconstructions of Throbbing Gristle concerts, talks by Bill Drummond/KLF and Sterlarc, London Sinfonietta performing contemporary electronica works, fashion parties with glammy models, and of course the dentist, my regular haunt.

This month is border crossing month, collecting rubber stamps in my passport and exploring foreign terrain. I hope it remains a safe series of journeys in light of the darkened global turn for all of us.

Bon voyage

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

6     Presentation, LCP London CANCELLED
9     Nerd, London Electricity Showrooms, UK
12   Presentation, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
15   Alphaville: Wadsworth Theater LA, USA
20   Presentation, CCAC Oakland California, USA
23   Haus der Berliner Festspiele, MaerzMusik Festival, Berlin, Germany
28    Presentation, Auckland, New Zealand
29   Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand

2     Alphaville: Brisbane Southbank Parklands, Australia
4     Alphaville: Cinema Paradiso, Perth, Australia
12   La Raffinerie/The International Vjing Festival, Brussels, Belgium with Dfuse

2 & 3      International Media Art Biennale, Poland
6, 8 & 9 Nemesis with Random Dance Company: Het Muziektheater Amsterdam
16 &17 Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poland
29          Nemesis: The Exodos Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
31          Le Mange.Mons with David Shea, Brussels, Belgium

6           Nemesis: Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia
7           Recycle: Watermans Arts Centre London
27-29   Nemesis: Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, La Biennale, Venice

1       Nemesis: Istanbul, Turkey
6       Nemesis: Ankara, Turkey

::: exhibitions :::

"Echo Days" with Katarina Matiasek
Extended Play:art remixing music
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Feb 22 - April 26, 2003


::: listen :::
Terre Thaelitz: Lovebomb (Mille Plateaux)
Teriko: Historic Trace EP (Inex)
Erlend Oye: Symptom Of Disease (Source)
Pole: 45/45 (Mute)

::: read :::
Cabinet Magazine: Issue 9 Winter
Elizabeth Young: Pandora’s Handbag (Serpents Tail)
Carey Young: Incorporated (Film & Video Umbrella)
Sabotage: Torments & Vices (Die Gestalten Verlag)

::: film :::
Frida: Julie Taymor, USA
Solaris: Steven Sonderbergh, USA
Deserto Rosso: Antonioni, Italy
Ten: Abbas Kiarostami, France/Iran

::: ::: ::: :::