July 2003

Strom Forty Six.


Fresh and tanned from the Venice Biennale where I performed again with Random Dance Company for our project Nemesis, I sit here in a chilly drizzling London trying to recall the sunshine and ice-cream of italy of the last week. The shows were a fine success, as well as offering me the chance to explore the pavilions and expositions around the Biennale itself, rather a mixed bag of delights and disasters.

I’m busy working on a new BBC radio production to be broadcast in the next months but for the time being for those interested in downloading three of my major radio works over the last years point your cursor at:

Here you can hear three full-length works created specially for radio: "The Human Voice" (1998), a production of the Jean Cocteau play starring Harriet Walter; "The Three Women" (2000), a rare radio work written by Sylvia Plath consisting of three intertwining interior dialogues; and "The Sounds of Love" (2002), a musical feature using the extraordinary sounds of love to be found in nature, starring a cast of hundreds of humans and animals. Please copy and distribute as you wish.

My collaborative work with fine English digital artists D-Fuse, 'Light Turned Down’, was recently screened as part of the onedotzero festival in London and is further available on their new DVD release, D-Fuse: 'D-Tonate_00.' Check them out at:

You can now finally find copies of my live collaborative CD with Stephen Vitiello at the posteverything.com site. As part of the continuing Audiosphere series it’s a strictly limited release in a super DVD jewel box. Previous editions have featured Microstoria, Fennesz, Philip Jeck and Oval. For those of you who don’t know Stephen’s work, he’s been celebrated by the New York Press as creating "listenable avant-garde music," exhibiting and curating sound art shows for some years at prestigious locations as Fondation Cartier in Paris and The Whitney Museum in NYC, as well as most significantly rumoured at one point to be one of the very top Frisbee players in the world. No kidding!

Enough for the moment then!

Happy days

Best wishes

Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

1 July Nemesis: Istanbul, Turkey
6 July Nemesis: Ankara, Turkey
16 July Presentation at Tate Modern London as part of the London Consortium
12 September Bip Hop night in Aberdeen Scotland
20 September Babylon Istanbul Turkey
27 September Toulouse France
21 November Awesome Festival Perth Australia
27 November Atlantic Waves Festival 93 Feet East London
29 November Cite Des Sciences Paris France with Luc Ferrari


::: listen :::
On/Off:Intermedium (intermedium)
Kraftwerk: Tour de France 03 (EMI)
John Chantler: Monoke (::Room40::)
Cabaret Voltaire: Methodology (Mute)

::: read :::
Santiago Sierra: Spanish Pavilion catalogue
Patricia Piccinni: Venice Biennale catalogue
Hans Ulrich Obrist: Interviews Volume 1 (Charta)
Bad Boys: Agustin Perez Rubio curator (Fundacion BBVA)

::: film :::
La Jetee/Sans Soleil, Chris Marker DVD, France
My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Joel Zwick, USA
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Georges Clooney, USA
She-Devils on Wheels, Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA

::: ::: ::: :::