February 2002

Strom Thirty Two.

G'Day from Australia

That's my present geographical location, a chance to pet a koala bear again and to explore the Adelaide Festival and Fringe Festival happening here right now. If any happy readers are local then it's a chance to share the city with Bill Clinton and the Queen at the same time as well as a mass of theatrical happenings and live music. My collaborative work Stories from the Market Place opens at the weekend, focusing on the Adelaide Central Market, using installation, performance and headphone works. Check it out at:

Anyone in London might be interested in a free Scanner show being recorded for BBC Radio Three's Mixing It show. I will be improvising live with David Cunningham on guitar, sharing a live bill with Sand and Capitol K. It's at Ocean 2 in Hackney on March 20th but if you are not sharing the cold wet nights of London then you can listen to the performance at 23.00 on BBC Radio Three on Sunday 24 March but even then if you miss it, it will be archived for a year afterwards.

The Lovebytes festival in the UK opens from March 14-16 in Sheffield and will be presenting a suitably varied live electronic music and multi-media performance programme, featuring an international line-up including Yasunao Tone (Japan), Massimo (Italy), Robert Lippok (Germany), Freeform (UK), People Like Us (UK), Baby Ford (UK), Gescom (UK) and Vector Djs (UK) and yours truly on 16th March.

Some very interesting work is up on line now by Italian artists Tu m', where they invited musicians to create sound pieces to visuals they had created with their webcam. It is an ever growing series of artists as each month they will add new contributors to the archive and each can be downloaded to listen to in the privacy of your own tent. The list of artists is very impressive so far too, with Oren Ambarchi, Zbigniew Karkowski, Stephan Mathieu, Carl Stone, Stephen Vitiello and so on. Listen at:

Also coming up in March at the Tate Modern in London on March 9th is a conference on surveillance technologies and new media art. 'Surveillance and Control' will consider widespread uses of electronic surveillance, analysing recent social and political developments, and asking how various surveillance technologies have impacted on new media art practice. Guests will include Julia Scher, USA, Marko Peljhan, Slovenia, Kate Rich, UK / Australia & Duncan Campbell, UK. It will also be broadcast live and then archived at:

The Only Connect series at the Barbican in London is opening soon. The night I am curating with Coil, Plaid, Mouse on Mars and SND on April 27 is selling fast, with each act creating new commissioned works for performance with exclusive new visual works. For the latest Only Connect news, reviews, information, message board, links and sound clips, follow the flow at:

All this sounds a bit exhausting but it keeps one trim.

Well, back to swimming in the sunshine for the moment and enjoying the delights of Australia.


Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

28    The Hub at the Adelaide Fringe Festival AU 23.00

1      Soundscapes Forum at Adelaide Fringe Festival AU11.00
2      2002AD - analogue2digital Minke Bar Adelaide AU 22.00
14    Derek Jarman tribute Toulouse FR
16    Lovebytes Festival Sheffield UK
20    Ocean 2 London UK FREE

5      Biospheres: Secrets Of The City (with I/O) Brisbane Powerhouse AU 19.20
6      Scanner, David Toop, Oren Ambarchi, Lawrence English Brisbane Powerhouse 22.00
11    Scanner Slams Shea - boxing tournament Revolver Melbourne AU
14    Frigid Sydney AU
19    Sprawl London UK
27    Play: with Coil, Plaid, Mouse on Mars, SND and Scanner jingles

Random Dance Company Nemesis Tour Dates 2002
1-2 March Sadler's Wells London
6     March Charter Theatre Preston
12   March Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton
27   March Nottingham Playhouse
4-6  Apr Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden
16   Apr The Point, Eastleigh
19   Apr Malvern Theatres
26-27 Apr The Maltings, Snape
17   May Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield


::: exhibitions :::

Scanner + I/O - Biospheres: Secrets Of The City (FREE)
Brisbane Powerhouse Friday April 5 @ 19.20 sharp
Biospheres: Secrets Of The City explores the hidden resonances and meanings of sound and image that lie beneath our everyday surroundings. Taking the urban environment, architecture, streets and the neighbourhoods that map the framework of the city itself as the inspirational focal point, this work attempts to re-assemble Brisbane and its surrounding spaces through its fringes. Focusing on the sounds that have become invisible through familiarity, Biospheres: Secrets Of The City also explores the neglected architecture that dominates the urban environment.

An installation by Mike Stubbs
Sound by Scanner
8 Feb - 17 March
Donut is a twin DVD projection and 4-monitor installation about the drawing of a perfect circle. The creator of this circle is a driver, not an artist - the canvas is asphalt and the medium is a car.
Donut is the term used by young fast-car enthusiasts to describe a circle of burnt rubber made by spinning a rear wheel drive car on the spot. It represents bravado and skill on the part of the driver who is usually part of the car cruising culture - one of Britain's biggest underground movements.

::: listen :::
Gerling: When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun (FMR)
Grandaddy: Concrete Dunes
Beethoven: Late String Quartets (Philips)
Various: Floating Foundation (Sub Rosa)

::: read :::
Sid Smith: In the Court of the Crimson King
Australian Style magazine

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