December 2002

Strom Thirty Nine.


Now, a momentary break from searching for the last gifts for family and friends and a chance to catch up on recent weeks.

The Sound Polaroids and Sound Toys CD releases on French label Bip_Hop have proved extremely popular, offering glimpses into projects that I’m continuing to present with English digital artist Tonne. Even English DJ supreme John Peel has offered airplay to this eclectic musical world, and the software that is additionally included for free in the package has proved to be a spark of inspiration for grandparents and children alike.

My new “Lost Without Light” 10" EP on Underscan out of Berlin is rushing out with the Christmas elves and will also shortly be available on http://www.posteverything.com/bette. Over in the USA the Zero G 12" is also now distributed in the interesting stores, so a chance finally for DJs to unsettle audiences with Scanner vinyl again.

And, as if enough new full length releases haven’t emerged recently, I have a special edition CD of just 200 copies coming out in January 2003 on Mr Mutt from Italy.

Entitled Publicphono it was recorded live in Rimini, Italy at the After Radio event 18 September 2000, as part of the Prix Italia in 2000. The Prix Italia is the oldest and most prestigious international radio, television and web competition in the world and for the 52nd edition a homage was paid to the medium with which it was born, a day dedicated entirely to the world of radio. 'After Radio' was the title of a conference offering a reflection on the changes brought about by the digital revolution and the Internet on the technology, the use and the professions that operate in the radio sector. I was commissioned to create a live concert using the public speaker system on the sea front of Rimini, which was broadcast over 20 km of beach to anyone within reach of the sea. This CD is the complete concert that was heard on 18 September 2000.

Now, home in London for more than a few days after Christmas and a rare chance to catch some of the good things happening here. Alongside the Barnett Newman retrospective, the Aztec show, the Ingmar Bergman film season, you will find me at the European premiere of Philip Glass on Film LIVE at the Barbican from January 7-11. Classic and new films will be projected onto a large screen with live music composed and performed by Philip Glass with the Philip Glass Ensemble, showing this pioneering work in filmmusic. Watch out for Dracula and Beauty and the Beast! Check it out at:

And so, I hope your stockings are happily filled at Christmas and your cheeks blushing with merriment!

See you in 2003


Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

16     Sprawl birthday party London with I/O, David Toop & Scanner collaboration
23     Fondation Cartier Paris with Stephen Vitiello, France In the framwork of the exhibition ‘Unknown Quantity

5       Transmediale Berlin with Si-Cut Db, Tonne, David Toop, Germany
28     Skylounge at National Museum Of Australia ,Canberra, Australia

1       Alphaville: PICA, Perth Australia
6       Alphaville: Nova 2, Cinema Nova, Adelaide, Australia
7      Q Club, Adelaide, Australia
12    Presentation, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
15    Alphaville: Downtown Palace Theater Los Angeles, USA
20    Presentation, CCAC Oakland California, USA
23    MaerzMusik Festival Berlin, Germany

2      Alphaville: Brisbane Southbank Parklands, Australia

::: exhibitions :::

Battery’ as part of Haunted by Detail
A project by the Curatorial Training Programme 2002, De Appel Amsterdam
16 November ­ 5 January 2003

Espirits de Paris’ installation with Mike Kelley
Sonic Process: Centre Pompidou Paris
16 October ­ 6 January 2003

'Friendscan' installation
Game On: Royal Museum Edinburgh Scotland
18 October ­ 2 February 2003

::: listen :::
Frank Bretschneider: Aerial Riverseries (Whatness)
Throbbing Gristle: TG 24 Hours (Mute)
Organum: Sphyx (Robot)
23 Skidoo: The Gospel Comes to New Guinea (Ronin)

::: read :::
Alain de Botton: The Art of Travel (Hamish Hamilton)
Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music (Contiuum)
Harry Matthews: The Human Country (Dalkey Archive)
Bobby Seale: Seize the Time (BCP)

::: ::: ::: :::