April 2002

Strom Thirty Three.


A few busy weeks behind me and almost the hint of a suntan again.

Firstly apologies to anyone reading from Australia. I had a death in my family last week and had to swiftly return to the UK to attend to matters and as such postponed a series of concerts and presentations so please accept my sincerest regrets at not being able to fulfil these commitments. I'll be back shortly for certain later this year.

If you are in London you should take a chance to explore the regular club event Sprawl. This week is a more compressed version with two shows in two nights:

Thursday 18.04.02
Tennis live
Kim Cascone live
DJip@bip-hop.com dj
Bittonic dj
visuals by Phase 4 (Ohio)

Friday 19.04.02
Tonne live
Scanner live mix
Si-Cut.Db live
Soundtoys by StudioTonne; laptop jam by the above artists
DJip@bip-hop.com  dj

An intriguing show is about to open in Europe and will be around for the next two years at least. 'Sonic Process' is an exhibition initiated by the Pompidou Centre in Paris and will be previewed at the MACBA gallery in Barcelona from May 2 to July 1. It will later travel to Berlin and Porto. The show deals with electronic music from the last decade, organised according to a particular geography of sites and intersections exploring only part of what has emerged. Like a gigantic sound studio it will present installations by musicians and artists, often in collaboration, featuring exclusive commissions from Doug Aitken, Mathieu Briand, Coldcut, Tosca, FlowMotion, Renee Green, Johan Grimonprez, Gabriel Orozco, David Shea and a new work that I have produced with LA based artist Mike Kelley featuring haunted recordings and video of Paris.

Not only an interesting read but also an essential chapter in our heritage of English music, you should take a look at The "Not Necessarily 'English Music'" issue of Leonardo Music Journal Volume 11 now available. It traces a history from the 1960s with its peculiar conflation of Pop, Art, Fashion and Politics and musical through styles of improvisation, minimalism, electronic music, performance art, political music and "amateur" music that grew out of British art schools, universities and urban villages. Some practitioners became well known and influential artists outside of the U.K. (Cornelius Cardew, Michael Nyman, Derek Bailey), while others have remained far too unrecognized abroad (Christopher Hobbs, Ivor Cutler, Ranulph Glanville).

The volume highlights observers and participants who have contributed their accounts of this latest "Golden Age" of British Music, including Eddie Prevost, Alvin Lucier, Joe Banks, Janek Schaefer and my very own personal approach to creating work. Accompanying this is an amazing double CD curated by David Toop that presents some of the rarest recordings discovered from this period.

It's your last chance to pick up a ticket for the Play show on in London at the Barbican next week on April 27 featuring new commissions from Coil, Plaid, Mouse on Mars and SND.

If you are passing through London in the next month too you should take the opportunity to visit the debut show by extraordinary Norwegian artist Tor-Magnus Lundeby. He has frequently taken his inspiration from music, record sleeves and for this body of work, the home. In so doing he is producing a 'home' where I would imaginatively create my work that will be a one metre square sculpture, using canalplastic sheets with liquid poured into the canals between the lining, a blue circular dehumidifier filter, a warm yellow acrylic sheet and a transparent floor. Believe me, words cannot do justice to his salient creations. It opens on May 4 at 38 Langham Street London W1W 7AR.

Finally for some free music, please take a look at the site:
where you can find an amusing interview and an MP3 using samples from this location.

As always, if receiving this little infrequent mail is troublesome then simply let me know.


Robin / Scanner

::: diary dates :::

19    Sprawl London UK: Global Café Golden Square London W1
27    Play: with Coil, Plaid, Mouse on Mars, SND and Scanner jingles

3      Sonic Process opening MACBA Barcelona
4      Tor-Magnus Lundeby opening 38 Langham Street London
6,8 & 9 Nemesis with Random Dance Company: Het Musiektheater Amsterdam

Random Dance Company – Nemesis Tour Dates 2002
19 Apr Malvern Theatres
26-27 Apr The Maltings, Snape
17 May Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield


::: exhibitions :::

SONIC PROCESS opens may 2 until july 1st
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Tel 34 93 412 08 10
Fax 34 93 412 46 02

::: listen :::
Pimmon: P Waves Australian tour CDR
Jack Dangers: Variaciones Espectrales (Bella Union)
I/O: Calm (::Room40::)
DJ Olive meets I/O3 (::Room40::)

::: read :::
Sylvere Lotringer: Burroughs Live 1960-1997 (Semiotexte)
Slavoj Zizek: Repeating Lenin (Bastard Books)
Ben Johnson: Three Comedies (Penguin)
Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange (Penguin)

::: ::: ::: :::