September 2001

Strom Twenty Eight.


My, how the colour of our day can swiftly shift. With grey emotional clouds still hanging low over the globe in the light of recent assaults on the globe I just sincerely hope that our future is not tainted by more aggression in response. As I have continued my travels recently it was moving to hear so many personal responses to this incident and present fresh perspectives as each day passes.

I have just returned from Croatia and Zagreb which was amazing and I urge anyone given the chance to get there to perform and play - the emotional rewards are far greater than any financial ones for certain.

Don't forget any hungry souls out there should order their CDs for the Pizza Surprise! project in Australia as the edition of just 25 will no doubt be gone before you can blink. Mine amongst other finer artworks will be available for home delivery for three weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 23 October to 7 November 2001. Orders can also be made via:
or by calling (618) 9445 2780.

And our Sulphur Records Compound CD is freshly out this week in the US of A on October 9th at the fabulously discounted price of $9.98, a perfect chance to spoil yourselves with a compilation of works from the label and a few unreleased specialities.

Any curious souls who missed the extraordinary evening of performances at the Tate Modern London can watch and hear them online soon at their website where they will be archived so you can marvel at the calming shadow of Kim Cascone, the extremely agitated and animated Oval performance and my own irritable performance.

So, to pack my toothbrush and off again.

Keep in touch.



::: diary dates :::

2         Ultraschall Munich
5         Athens with Mouse On Mars, Thomas Brinkmann, Luke Slater, Pole
10      Argos film Festival Brussels: 52 Spaces Project
9-13   Rambert Dance Company: Apollo Oxford
17-20 Rambert Dance Company : Edinburgh Festival Theatre
26       Simon Fisher Turner collaboration in Oxford UK

7        Architecture Filmfestival Rotterdam:Alphaville
9-10 5th Graz Biennial Austria
24     Datatransfer festival Prague
28 Nov-1 Dec Rambert Dance Company : Theatre Royal Plymouth
29     Ashcroft Arts Centre UK: 52 Spaces Project

::: continuing :::

Scanner + Tonne: Sound Polaroids at:
Cornish College of the Arts, 710 East Roy Street, Seattle, Washington 98102
8 October- 9 November

::: listen :::
Brothomstates: Claro (Warp)
Gescom: Key Nell (Skam)
Pole: R (Scape)
Semiconductor Films: Hi-Fi Rise DVD (Other Timeline Films)

::: read :::
Hayley Newman: Performancemania (Matt's Gallery)
Gustav Metzger: Retrospectives (MOMA)
Robert Lepage: Connecting Flights (Methuen)
William Gaver: The Presence Project (RCA/CRD)

::: recent releases:::
SULSP001 Scanner: 'Diary' CD
MELDCD3: Abir / Wales CD
BOU005 Scannerfunk: 'Wave of Light by Wave of Light' CD
SULCD008 Sulphur Records 'Compound' compilation CD
SFMOMA: Scanner/Alva Noto: Uniform