August 2001

Strom Twenty Seven.


I am freshly back from Australia now where I had the most amazing time, it may feel like being trapped inside a tightly packaged cardboard box for over a day to travel there but it's always extremely rewarding once landed. I can't vouch for the movies on the plane journey's though. I am scared I may become a Julia Roberts expert in movie trivia quiz shows!

Any hungry people should search out the Pizza Surprise! art project happening in Perth soon too. It's a curated exhibition of 10 new works that take art out of the gallery and directly to the audience, via pizza-style home delivery (in Perth) or by overnight delivery (elsewhere in Australia). Following 4 weeks of home delivery, the Pizza works will be shown en masse in centrally located commercial premises. I have created an extremely limited edition CD (25 copies only) that will be sold as part of this project but interestingly enough it will sell for the price of a pizza (not sure what flavour though) and be home delivered. It's a large collage of sound related to the theme of eating, from folk songs of Italy, classical music, popular music and so on, referencing all manner of cultures and histories in the work.

Pizza Surprise! artworks will be available for home delivery for three weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 23 October to 7 November 2001. Orders can also be made via:
or by calling (618) 9455 2780. The complete series of works will also be exhibited at a venue (t.b.a.) in Perth from 15 November to 2 December 2001.

I also contributed some exclusive sound work about the relationship of the Mexican / American border zones to an intriguing project, Borderhack 2.0 <Delete the Border>, which should be archived at

Still basking in the sun in the UK for a rare moment I leave tomorrow for Amsterdam to talk to television about the influence of AC/DC on my workand to appear at the VPRO TELE TAP night with CUT-n-PASTE where I will get to put their system Teletap into action to create a live audio landscape of Amsterdam, on Friday night on VPRO Radio 747 AM and on Saturday night live in De Balie.

Also appearing are 0100101110110101.org who will present a multimedia lecture performance based on their project life_sharing - during one year 0100101110110101.org have made their private computer transparent on their web site, complete with all personal and business transactions...

The entire project This program can also be followed live via:

So, now I must repack a suitcase that is rarely empty.

Keep in touch.



::: diary dates :::

1          The Society of Control: De Balie Amsterdam
13/14  Film showing as part of Nu Films Rotterdam
16        Gothenburg live show
17        Lecture at School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University
21        Tate Modern London with Oval / Kim Cascone
'Immanent Choreographies' as part of a conference dedicated to "Deleuze and Neo-Aesthetics"
24        Salon Minimal:Ljubljana
25        Kset club: Zagreb

2          Ultraschall Munich
5          Athens with Mouse On Mars, Thomas Brinkmann, Luke Slater, Pole
10       Argos film Festival:52 Spaces Project
9-13   Rambert Dance Company: Apollo Oxford
17-20 Rambert Dance Company : Edinburgh Festival Theatre
26       Simon Fisher Turner collaboration in Oxford UK

28 Nov-1 Dec Rambert Dance Company : Theatre Royal Plymouth

::: continuing :::

Scanner: El Espiritu de la Palabra at La Gallera, Alauders 7, 46003 Valencia
(until 31 August)

Scanner: Imagined Departures, Tram line no. 9, Gothenburg Sweden
as part of the Goteborgs Internationella Konstbiennal
(until 16 September)

Scanner + Tonne: Sound Polaroids at:
Cornish College of the Arts, 710 East Roy Street, Seattle, Washington 98102 USA
8 October- 9 November

::: listen :::
Umin: Demo CDs ( Unreleased)
Aaliyah: Aaliyah (Blackground Records)
To Rococo Rot: Kolner Brett (Staubgold)
Pretty Boy Crossover: The Building & Formation (Surgery Records)

::: read :::
Sadness in the Sky fanzine (sensory@alphalink.com.au)
Kathy Temin: catalogue 2000 (Moet & Chandon)
Randall Packer & Ken Jordan: Multimedia, from Wagner to Virtual Reality (Norton)
Michael Temple & James S Williams: The Cinema Alone/ Jean Luc Godard (AP Press)

::: recent releases:::
SULSP001 Scanner: 'Diary' CD
MELDCD3: Abir / Wales CD
BOU005 Scannerfunk: 'Wave of Light by Wave of Light' CD
SULCD008 Sulphur Records 'Compound' compilation CD
SFMOMA: Scanner/Alva Noto: Uniform