October 1999

Strom Fifteen.


The nights are getting colder, my hands are seizing up with the chill but I thought it was about time I kept in touch. The travel bug has refused to leave so I am moving around the globe still and working on a host of projects. My collaboration with Tonne 'Sound Polaroids' has opened at the ICA in London (Oct 2 - Oct 30) and if you come to town then please check it out. If not there is an alternative version at:
Thanks to many people for suggesting places to record towards thisinstallation.

A host of almost invisible releases slipped out the net recently too - the 20>2000 CD 'Cystic' release on Raster Music and then the Thomas Brinkmann/Scanner collaboration on a Force Inc 12". The updated Scanner website is alive and intriguing, telling you nothing you never wanted to know at:

The Sulphur label continues to move along - Michael Wells presents S.O.L.O. "Out Is In" hits the stores on 18th October 1999, followed by a very limited edition vinyl 12" of new material. You might know him as G.T.O. Tricky Disco or Technohead. This release is a charmingly low ended boot kicker with elegant strings and easy listening melodies. Even my grandmother, a confirmed Whitesnake fan, enthused over it!

We are always looking towards hearing new material so don't be shy! Send any recordings to the office address below.

I'll be back on the planes, trains and bicyles of Europe soon so here a few live dates to come.

Wrap up warm in places that need warmth and keep in touch.

All the best




::: diary dates :::

16   Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM)
Premiere of Sound Polaroids audio/visual show live in the city with Tonne
17   Ottawa - live show
29   Nouvelles Scènes festival in Dijon at l'Usine with Pole
30   ICA FREE talk - 16:00 about the installation. Come and ask difficult questions.

6     Karlsruhe Germany ZKM
18   Holland - November Music Festival with Pierre Henri et al
20   Ghent : November Music Festival
24   Thun / Mokka / Switzerland
25   Torino / Italy
26   Venice/Festival / Italy
27   Bologna/Link / Italy
28   Basel/CH / Kaserne
29   Würzburg Galerie / Germany
30   Nürnberg / Desi Germany

1    Frankfurt / Mille Plateaux show (tbc)
2   Cologne/Germany - Gebäude
3   Hamburg/Germany - Hafenklang
4   Berlin/Germany- WMF/Festival

::: listen :::
Marina Rosenfeld theforestthegardenthesea (Charhizma)
Various Some Computer Music (Or)
Gustavo Lamas Celeste (Traum)
Varese Complete Works (Decca)

::: read :::
Merge magazine issue 6 / Fall Issue
Barry Graham Before (Incommunicado Press)
Terence Riley The Un_Private House