June 1998

Strom Ten

Hello once more,
It's professor scanner here again! Slightly sore from ice skating for the first time ever and nursing various sore bones and bruises. It's not as easy as it looks on television.

This is a brief respite from football for many of you I am sure but I wanted to forward this very intriguing looking project happening in the UK later this year to all bodies in case someone out there can take advantage of it.

I can still be found learning the Liverpool dialect in the week as well as regularly exploring the regions of Europe as much as is viable.

If in London don't forget as always the Electronic Lounge at the ICA on the first tuesday of the month. Next one is 7th July, but there will not be one in August due to a lack of electrical juice and we shall reconvene on Sept 1st.

The Wishing Well project was delayed but will open at the Klangturm in Austria on 4th July. Further details at http://www.klangturm.at

All the best for now and thank you as always for continued support. Always happy to hear from people.


::: read :::
Calvin Tomkins Marcel Duchamp biography (Owl Books)
Joan Retallack Musicage - interviews with John Cage (Wesleyan Uni Press)
Anne Michaels Fugitive Pieces (Bloomsbury)
Harry Mathews The Journalist (Dalkey Archive Press)
The Wire Magazine

::: listen :::
Pole CD1 (KiffSM)
Plastikman Consumed (Mute)
Thievery Corporation Sounds from the Hi Fi (4AD)
Signs Ov Chaos Departure (Roadrunner)

::: recent releases :::

Die Haut - Springer - Remixes of influential German band by Atom Heart, Jim O'Rourke, Oval, Air Liquide, To Rococo Rot, Alan Vega and others (Rough Trade Germany CD/RTD 19533632)

Tone Rec vs Scanner - Halogen Street Lamp/Vicuna Slope Adaptation (Sub Rosa 12" only Quantum089) - exclusive mixes on authentic vinyl only of French experimental rock band. Check out their cd Pholcus on Sub Rosa. An amazing amalgram of digital cut and paste rock beats strong to eat Postie Rock for breakfast.

Robin Rimbaud / Scanner > The Garden is Full of Metal - (Sub Rosa SR104 CD)
Sound portrait of the late Derek Jarman, film maker extraordinaire. Includes CDR film on disc.

si- {cut}.db vs Scanner - Bovine Revolver 12" ep on Sprawl Imprint (SP-VIN 01)
info tel/fax 0171 700 7569

::: ::: ::: :::

Guidelines on commissions

NOW ninety8 is Nottingham's festival of contemporary arts which features the very best of innovative arts, music, theatre and technology work. Previous festivals have featured A Guy Called Gerald, Graham FitkinTalvin Singh, Pressure of Speech and Neotropic.

NOWfm is a new venue-in-the-air to be launched as part of the NOW ninety8 festival in Nottingham this Autumn. NOWfm is a very special kind of venue, broadcasting new and experimental works for radio. The station will run from 26 - 31 October 1998.

NOWfm aims to feature the exciting and innovative. We want to hear from artists making text sound and music based work.

The commissions offered are: 

> 2000 this includes a fee and production costs independent of NOWfm
> 1000 fee only. Studio time and some technical assistance is provided through NOWfm
> production only- no fee. Studio time and some technical assistance is provided through NOWfm
(The studio time and technical assistance will be discussed and confirmed with the chosen commissions)

Work does not have to be of a set length or style, it could range from for example, a 30 second jingle to a one hour, six day piece. All work broadcast, whether produced through a NOWfm commission or otherwise must be of a professional broadcast standard and quality. This is not however a criteria that should reflect on or compromise the innovative style of a piece. 

There is no application form but all proposals should include:

> aims of the work
> description of the project
> brief technical requirements of the production of the work (if applying for a commission which NOWfm will help to produce)
> budget breakdown (showing other income if needed)
> a CV and /or examples of past work (please include a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your support material returned)
> Please state if you are a member of the Performing Rights Society.

Send proposals to:
           Contemporary Archives
           Nottingham City Council
           55 Castle Gate
           NG1 6AF
We are NOT interested in band demos or DJ tapes.


For further NOWfm information call Kirstie McKenzie on 0115 9153553