February 1997

Strom Four


A belated one.

Seems to have taken ages to find the time to fill in a few details for any interested parties in this newsletter and once again let me say if you find this dull and not for your eyes please just let me know and it won't fatten your mailbox again.

Scannerwise, been lots happening and lots to follow soon. As always it is the collaborative opportunities which are the most rewarding personally so a number of projects to follow through in the next year where I had the chance of working with some very inspirational characters indeed.

Two different dance events: one a collaboration between uk choreographer and dancer Laurie Booth, visual artist Tim Head and myself entitled 'Actual Factual' which will tour the UK and Europe - a 40 minute improvisation between all three artists; and Delta and Islands, a continuing collaboration between the National Centre of Choreography/Daniel Larrieu and myself.

The first new studio scanner album entitled Delivery will be released in the last week of April on Earache Records in Europe and awaiting confirmation of USA release. 50 minutes of new material, ranging from abstraction to composition. One track, My Lost Love Hunting Your Lost Face, has been reinterpreted for a string quartet and will be presented as an extended 30 minute piece in European locations this summer. Also means that a number of unusual European events will be happening over the summer too which I will keep you posted about.

Please, if you have any questions, need more details about any of the following live shows or events, wish to check on weather conditions in the uk or simply wish to correspond please feel free to do so.


Robin Rimbaud

::: diary dates :::

Feb 15 > Link Club, Bologna, Italy - live collaboration between Main & Scanner
Feb 22 >  Antwerp, Belgium - live show with Deus related string quartet
Feb 27 > The Sprawl club, London - mixing live collaboration with Si Cut Db alongside Andrew Weatherall and The Sons of Silence (Leaf)

March 4 > Electronic Lounge, ICA, London - with Kumo (Plink Plonk) live/mixing
March 4 > Actual Factual - Dance Umbrella, Rhoda McGraw Theatre, UK
March 5 >  Actual Factual - Chichester Institute, UK
March 6 > Melange Etrange, Ghent, Belgium - live/mix show
March 7-8 > Actual Factual - Tramway Theatre, Glasgow
March12-19 > Hannover Computer Fair, Germany - live show daily alongside David Jackman (who played in Van Der Graaf Generator and works with Peter Hammill)  
March 29 >  Brussels, Belgium - live show with Bandulu & Mark Broom
Ear as Eye > Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions space - exposition of scores and drawings by sound artists including David Toop & Scanner

April1 > Electronic Lounge - third birthday party with some VERY SPECIAL ELEMENTS!
April 25 > Have an Eargasm - Dijon,  France - festival with Scorn and Ulan Bator
April26 > Actual Factual - Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Well, UK
Release of new Scanner album Delivery on Earache Record, UK

May 3-4 > Actual Factual - Spring Loaded, South Bank Centre, UK
May 6 >  Electronic Lounge, ICA London - Daniel Pemberton & Simon Hopkins
May 7-11 > Impackt festival, Utrecht, Netherlands - curating event entitled Rethinking Radio with guests (tbc) Bruce Gilbert, Tetsuo Inoue, Lagowski/SETI & Disinformation. Very good festival with films, videos, installations and live performances.
May 15 > Ring Ring festival, Belgrade - with the current political situation this may be cancelled
May 16-18 > Listening Room at the Konzertsaal, Cologne - sound arts, improvised electronic music and 'ear-cinema' over 3 days. Opening night with live collaboration between David Toop, Holger Czukay (ex-Can), Sainkho Namtchilak, Haydn Chisholm, f.s and Scanner. Following days to include live shows and Djing by Microstoria, Drome/Bernd Friedmann, Atomheart, Mike Ink, DJ Singer, We, Liminal and others
May 20 > Actual Factual - Dartington Arts, UK
May 26 > my birthday ! no work today I hope

June1 > Actual Factual - De La Ware Pavilion, UK
June 3 > Electronic Lounge, ICA London
June6-8 > Nevers Festival - France with Main, Pluramon and Scanner amongst others
June14 > Major dance party - Tours, France - I am organising this ridiculously grand scale party
June16 > Delta - Tours, France & premiere of new piece Islands

July 1 >  Electronic Lounge, ICA London    
June 10/11 Actual Factual, Salzburg, Austria

August 5 > Electronic Lounge, ICA London
August13 or 27 > The Brood - Edinburgh New Music Festival- second live collaboration following last years successful American Independents show with Justine/Elastica, Sonic Boom, Bruce Gilbert, Susan Stenger (Band of Susans) & Scanner, etc.

::: recent releases :::

Staalplaat             Mort Aux Vaches: Accretions             CD              40 mins
Strictly ltd edition CD of live recordings for VPRO radio in Amsterdam with dream texts by english writer Hilaire

Quantum153        New York Soundscape: Shea>Nus>Scanner     Ltd CD          44 mins
The third in the live Sub Rosa Live Sessions series - temporary sound reports from foreign locations

SOHSP 025          Si-{Cut}.db - Behind You                        CD              70 mins
Startling new CD with the angular beats of Black Dog, the quirkyness of Squarepusher and wit of WC Fields, produced and remixed by Scanner for Si Cut Db

Big Issue               Foundations: Coming up from the streets CD
A desirable collection of unreleased tracks including Black Dog, Radiohead, Orbital, Underworld, The Prodigy, Scanner and many others. All monies towards the homeless.

SubRosa SR110  Double Articulation>Another Plateau     CD
A form of remix of Folds & Rhizones released last year on Sub Rosa as a 'tribute' to the late philosopher Gilles Deleuze, with David Shea remixing scanner, scanner remixing Mouse on Mars, Main remixing Oval, Tobias Hazan remixing MainOval remixing themselves and Mouse on Mars remixing everyone!

Blast First              Hovercraft                                                              CD
Radical reinterpretations and remixes by scanner of their recording Ankathisia             

Earache                 Signs of Chaos vs scanner                                 CD/EP
Collaborative ep of cut up beats and insane metallic mayhem