August 1997

Strom Six

Hello once more,

Seems that this will be a bi-annual communication at this rate - apologies for not responding as promptly as I should but such is the nature of this work. At several points in recent months I was at home for exactly five minutes!

I have been away almost of this year so far and had the chance to meet up with a lot of people who I only knew by their shadowy email names - thank you to anyone who came along to the shows I have played around the globe recently.

The 'Delivery' album emerged and drifted through the record stores; a second demixed version of it will be released around the end of the year in the USA with re-intrepretations by Anton Fier, Chris Vrenna (NIN/Smashing Pumpkins/Marilyn Manson), DJ Spooky and Snappy Sid.

My collaborative ironic pop single composed with Michael Wells aka Signs of Chaos (though you may know him as GTO/Tricky Disco/Technohead) will be released on August 18 on Earache worldwide. Six tracks that wryling play with the Michael Jackson myth - see the live dates for entries below!

A strange new cd will be released on Sub Rosa in around a month or so entitled 'The Garden is Full of Metal' - a filmic 50 minute composition with a short film attached to it on CDR - an environmental tribute to the late english film maker Derek Jarman. Following this will be 'Sound for Spaces', a double cd of music I have contributed to films, expositions, radio, galleries, etc. over the last 15 years, I am certain some of it will shock people too (guitars, robin?!!).

My remixes of the delirious american band Hovercraft will be released on Blast First/Mute in the next month, followed by mixes of germany's very own wunderkind Die Haut, a new 12" aimed towards the hip and the foot in Spain on Elefant Records, and a cd single on Scotland's Via Satellite alongside Joe Banks/Disinformation and Project Dark from uk.

Enough words for now - please remember if this just vibrates like junk mail simply let me know - it is no problem to stop bugging you twice a year!

Hope to see you soon.

My best

robin rimbaud

::: diary dates :::

15      Tunnel Club, PopKomm Festival in Cologne Germany:
live show with Signs Ov Chaos - A Hommage to Michael Jackson

If by any means you can make it to this annual event it is more than worth it this year for the variety of other performances happening, amongst the most interesting being shows by  DJ Cam, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kid Loops, Fauna Flash & Michael Reinboth, an A-Musik night feat Wabi Sabi, Holosud, L@n, Jan Werner, Strobocop, Mouse On Mars, To Rococo Rot, Salaryman, Deep Space Network, Move D, Jimi Tenor, Broadcast, Kreidler, Mouse On Mars.

29              Rumpus Room, London
Scanner vs Signs ov Chaos -  A Hommage to Michael Jackson Part 2
30              Stockholm - live show

2               Electronic Lounge - ICA London
6               Dublin, Ireland -  live show and recording
17             Brighton, England - live show
20             Millenium Lounge -  Berlin, Germany
A very special event if you can make it with Pete Namlook, Jose Manuel Costa, David Toop, Czyk and others organised by Mediamorph
24             Documenta X festival - Kassel, Germany  - performance in association with the gargantuan arts festival
26             Documenta X festival - Kassel, Germany - talk and presentation of work

A possible USA tour with DJ Spooky and Hovercraft, awaiting confirmation.
7              Electronic Lounge -  ICA London
8              CCRU Warwick University, England - presentation
10-17      Staalplaat Cocktail - Prater Theatre, Berlin, Germany  - live performance
A week long festival with an astonishing line up of artists that covers the entire field of experimental electronica - final line up awaiting confirmation
23           Actual Factual - De La Ware pavilion, England - dance performance soundtrack
24           1000 Plateaux Mode(s) DÕEmploi - Brussels - a second edition of this multi media - programme at the Cybertheatre in Belgium. Artists to include  Rosi Braidotti with music by David Shea, Mouse on Mars, Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, DJ Spooky, Microstoria (live in Nova) and  DJ Grasshoppa amongst others.
25            Live Art - New Theatre for the 90s - Podewil, Berlin Germany

Incarceration installation project - at Spitalfields Town Hall, London
6-9           LADA97-  Rimini, Italy - festival
10             Sub Rosa event - Metz, France - with DJ Low from Brussels and Pierre Bastien live
17             Sub Rosa event - Rennes, France - with exploratory band Tone Rec
26-30       ARTCITE -  Windsor, Canada - presentation and performance                   

4-7           Recycling the Future - Kunstradio, ORF radio - Vienna, Austria with Huber, Dorfmeister, Jon Rose and Bob Ostertag amongst many other All Star performers improvising live to air


23/24         De Nachten, Antwerp, Belgium - spoken word collaboration with Nicole Blackman of Golden Palaminos in her first ever European performance

Release of Sounds From the Electronic Lounge released on React records, England, a cd collated by Michael Wells and myself presenting the field of electronica to a wider audience, to feature Starfish Pool, Kirlian, Panasonic, Alois Huber, To Rococo Rot and many more. One to get your grandmother moaning about the state of contemporary music!