July 1996

Strom One

having had several enquiries about organising some kind of mailing list re: Scanner activities I thought I was initiate the experience and present this beta version to you. I apologise if you do not wish to receive any of this and if that is the case please just send me a quick email and I'll remove you! otherwise you'll stay connected to this communication line.

::: diary dates :::

28 August > Sonic Acts - Paradiso, Amsterdam. 
"Sonic Acts aims at current electronic music in its broadest perspectives. It questions the borders within electronic music by crossing and subverting them in various ways. The festival offers electronic music in its various guises by shows of a wide scale of artists, sonologists and students of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague."
I will be presenting a FREE workshop at 17:00 at Steim, Amsterdam talking about the work, then performing a new piece Mapping Stockhausen commissioned for the event at midnight at Paradiso. VPRO will also record a version of this which will be broadcast at a later date.
Check out Aug 29 as David Toop will be giving a FREE reading out of 'Ocean of Sound' and then the night programme at Paradiso will present a live collaboration between Autechre and Zoviet*France.

3 Sept >The  Electronic Lounge - ICA, London. Paul Schutze DJing and mixing live.

5-9 Sept > Ars Electronica - Linz, Austria. "Symposia, exhibitions, concerts and a wealth of arts projects...the latest trends and developments in the field of digital media. The Ars Electronica Center - a museum of the future - will be launched on Sept 2nd"
On 5 Sept I am collaborating with KunstRadio/Orf from Vienna on the project Rivers and Bridges (http://www.ping.at/thing/orfkunstradio/RIV_BRI/). It will be broadcast live on air and on line. 
Horizontal Radio - a decentralised innovative worldwide radio and internet project unfolded on 30 channels of "24 international radio stations, on stages, in installations and performances in 24 cities. The project will culminate in an international event at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 1996.

The subtitle of Rivers and Bridges is "backward translation as a creative strategy." It is meant to focus on questions and problems of interaction (and its representation) between different social groups, disciplines, languages, epochs and so callled high culture and popular culture. It thus reflects issues relating to influence of digitalisation and the New Communication technologies on our culture."

The music programme is also worth checking out with Aural Screenshots & Plotkin, Autechre, a Cheap Records night with Pulsinger, Fennesz, Locust, Fuckhead, James Plotkin and Sabotage Records.

17 Sept >  Future Sonic - Leeds
FUTUREsonic is a multi-media symposium that aims to explore a range of themes resonating between music, technology and culture. Artists, producers, engineers and people working in music, as well as theorists, are invited to take part in a space for discussion, live experimental sonics and technical demonstrations. The horizons of sonic expression, innovations brought about through technology and its creative use, and connected cultural developments in music, are particular points of interest. The aim is to create a fertile enviroment for the development and dissemination of new ideas and initiatives, by bringing together leading practitioners from different domains.

Confirmed: Cristian Vogel, Kodwo Eshun (The Wire, ID), Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), Matt Black (Coldcut/Hex), Pete Lawrence (Global Headz & Big Chill), Mixmaster Morris, Oval, The Sprawl Club, Kris Needs (Secret Knowledge), Calvin Bush (Muzik), Rob Young (The Wire), Rob Chapman (Jockey Slut), Hari Kunzru (Wired), James Flint (Wired), Nick Land & Sadie Plant (top UK cyber-theorists), James Bailey (Deluxe), Shinkansen, Matt Consume, Phased (Abacus@ICA), mute magazine, Spirit Studio, Robert Worby (Sonic Arts Network), Dene Happell (Flow), The Bootroom, Haywire, Nick Harris (NRK), Dan Rickward (Binge & Digital Chaos), TechNet, United Systems, Evelyn Wilson (Light House Media Centre), Orphan Drift, KOAN (SSEYO & Brian Eno), i/o/d, Richard Barbrook (Hypermedia Research Centre), Nine Bar Records, Symbiosis & Helix Records, Sativae Records (Steve Glencross), Indica Records, ESP

19 Sept > New York.The Cooler. Live improvisation/show with Bill Laswell, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), David Shea, Nus and myself
27 Sept > Wellington - New Zealand
29 Sept > Auckland - New Zealand

Virogenesis Tour - 'Letting Loose the multimedia rogue codes'
In association with ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology), Adelaide.
The project was conceived as a 'viral collision of some of the most extreme UK, European and Australian new media practitioners, curators, publishers and theorists.' Series of talks, presentations and performances.
4-8 Oct > Sydney - Australia
10 Oct > Canberra - Australia
12-13 Oct > Perth - Australia

5 Nov > Stuc - Leuven, Belgium. Lecture/talk/presentation evening between David Toop and myself.

6 Nov > American Originals - South Bank Centre, London. A loose ensemble of players and performers who work more in commercial areas of popular music who will perform some of the classics of American experimental music. Pieces by LaMonte Young, Christian Wolff, Phill Niblock, Rhys Chatham and John Cage will be featured and performed by Lee Ranaldo, Justine Frischmann (Elastica), Tim from Stereolab, Bruce Gilbert, Kaffe Mathews, Terry Edwards, Susan Stenger and Robert from Band of Susans. (a BIG name may well be performing but awaiting confirmation at time of writing).  I will be performing Cage's Fontana Mix at the same time as a live performance of his Concert for Piano & Orchestra.

::: recent releases :::

Sub Rosa Quantum051    Sub Rosa Live Sessions:   Shea>Rimbaud>Hampson    Ltd CD 46 mins
This is a live improvised recording from the first of the Folds & Rhizones events that took place in London in memory of Giles Deleuze. Each of the shows, of which the second occured in Paris in June, and the next in New York in Sept, will be recorded and released in small editions to kind of pay our way along to continue these live shows. Almost a kind of digital busking!

Dust SS1      Snappy Sid - Mr Plane EP    12"     26 mins
"A symbiosis between the eminent Kiss FM London DJ Paul Thomas & techno data pirate Scanner, the Mr Plane EP on Dusted brings us the first fruits of their studio embraces. Mixing hard as nail breaks, fractured rhythms and melancholic melodies, each of the three tracks unravels a new story. Voyeuristic & vulgar with a simpering Spanish lilt, disc jockeys and pop music fans alike will enjoy this phonographic recording."
"Three doses of unhinged, acid tainted break-beatery" NME/July 1996

"this record is so fast these boys should be wheel-clamped"

::: forthcoming :::

Sub Rosa                Mouse on Mars remix                     CD              8 mins
For the second volume of Folds & Rhizones CD, remixes of each other, resampled, reshaped and deconstructed by Main, Oval, David Shea, Mouse on Mars and Scanner

Staalplaat              Accretions - VPRO radio sessions                CD              40 mins
A live recording of a radio session recorded earlier this year at VPRO in Amsterdam. Improvised and with recordings of UK writer Hilaire on selected tracks. Due Sept/Oct 96

Incoming                NonPlace Urban Field - Whimp - 2 mixes  Cd/vinyl        15 mins
Remixes of Bernd Friedman who also records under the name of Drome/Some More Crime. Recording will also include a mix from Thomas Koener.

KunstRadio              Memetic Flesh                           CD              56 mins
The results of a an intense studio session in Austria in June 1996 with Canadian cultural theorists Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, Austrian composer Rubert Huber (Tosca) and myself. With texts, location recordings and new compositions

Sub Rosa                The Garden is Full of Metal - Derek Jarman      CD-R
A sound tribute with film attachments to the late UK film director D.Jarman who passed away in 1994. A series of recordings of locations that he inhabited and experienced, recorded in Dungess where he lived for the last years of his life. Sound polaroids of a particular moment in a particular place. Accompanying film features macro vision images of his beautiful garden with piano/double bass soundtrack. 

Sub Rosa                Scanner - installation pieces           2 x CD
Double CD of recordings I have written to accompany a series of exhibitions in London. Excerpts from Invisible Choirs, premiered at Transgressions in London last year, a four hour piece dedicated to a recently deceased friend; as well as pieces written for Fuse, a show/exposition by the UK graphic designer Neville Brody, Douglas Gordon, a Scottish artist showing at the Lisson gallery in London and pieces for Techno Phobia, an arts conference held at the ICA in London in 1994.

There are two new Scanner studio albums ready and waiting to go. I'm currently trying to sort something out - they are called respectively Delivery and Straale: A theory of simulation. Patience is a virtue I'm told, only wish I could believe it!

This is probably more than enough text for the opening list. Future output will include essays and small features on related subjects that will be archived on my website, so thanks for reading and keep in touch!

Robin Rimbaud/Scanner

"The Clockwork Orange Milk Bar kid" – DJ Spooky, New York - March 1996  

scanner - a chart by Robin Rimbaud : July 1996

1.Various                                  Source Lab 2                            Source
2. Plug                                      Drum & Bass for Papa            Blue Angel
3. Sneaker Pimps                  6 Underground                         Clean Up
4. Two Lone Swordsmen     Short Shuffle                              Emissions Audio Output
5. Omni Trio                            Haunted Science                      Moving Shadow
6. Sons of Silence                 Suited & Booted                        Leaf
7. Pluramon                            Pick Up Canyon                        Mille Plateaux
8. Jake Slazenger                  Das ist ein groovy beat, ja      Warp
9. Tortoise                               Oval Remixes                            City Slang
10.Squarepusher                  Port Rhombus                          Warp
11.  Busy Going Crazy           Halfway in Light EP                  White Lines
12. The Jazz Step                   EP                                               Jungle Jazz
13. Secret Garden                 Smile                                          7th Voyage
14. David Morley                    Stardancer EP                           R & S
15. Cornershop                     Wog - Witchman mix                Wiiija
16. Compulsion                    Juvenile Scene mixes             One Little Indian       
17. Velocette                          Sonorities by Starlight             Reflective
18. Various                             Horizontal Dancing                  SSR
19. Semtex                             We Have Explosives                Semtex
20. Silvania                            Galax Trax -  Locust Mix           Elefant