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Various Artists 2010 (BineMusic)

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A01. Citylights (Lars Leonhard) (Video Clip - on Vimeo)
A02. Film (Taylor Deupree aka Ando)
A03. Dark Heat - Moss Mix (Severence)
B01. Insect (Thomas Touzimsky aka Fold)
B02. Coming Into Focus (Scanner)
        (Video Clip - on YouTube)
B03. Electrocity2010 (Tilo Seidel aka Tol)
C01. Skoda (Move D)
C02. And There (Ben Swire)
D01. Lotta G (Benjamin Brunn)
D02. Ancoats 111 (Marconi Union)

BINE023VYR | April 12, 2010
Made in Germany

Like all its previous releases, BineMusic's first compilation is more about quality than quantity, and yet it had to be released on double vinyl (and download)... A remarkably straight Scanner track reminding us of the better side of trance is followed by the minimal house sounds of TOL (raster-noton)... Please fasten your seatbelts, we're floating into the outer space of your mind! (Written by Karsten Zimalla)