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Tune (In))) The Kitchen

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01 31 Down - Tune(In))) The Kitchen Information For 1610-AM
02 Radio Guitar* - Thrum (Kitchen Mix)
03 Ben Owen - 04.22.04 Live Second Set
04 Damian Catera - DeComposition Tune (In))) Thurston
05 Scanner - ElectroPollution - Entire Set At Free103point9's
     Tune(In))) The Kitchen 04.22.04

     Composed & Produced by Robin Rimbaud
06 Students from Liberty High School and Humanities Prep School,
     NYC - Teach(In))) 04.23.04

free103point9 AD026
Made in the US
Selections from free103point9's Tune(In))) The Kitchen, April 22, 2004 at The Kitchen, New York in conjunction with the city wide festival New Sound, New York. Tracks include entire sets from Peggy Ahwesh + Barbara Ess and Scanner, and excerpts from Ben Owen and Damian Catera, a 31 Down public service announcement with instructions for the event, and an excerpt from a Teach(In))) with high school students the following day.