Various Artists / Scanner
Thurston Moore - Root


A1 Luke Vibert - Moore Shit
A2 Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Untitled
A3 David Cunningham - No. 13
AA1 Derek Bailey - Untitled
AA2 Richard Thomas - Super
         Pixellated Unicorn
AA3 Alec Empire - Keep Trying The
        Old Number
B1 Warren Defever - Roots
B2 Merzbow - National Enhancer
B3 Mogwai - Untitled
B4 Keith Ball - Monica's In The House
BB1 Russell Mills - Tooth And Claw
BB2 Echo Park - Needled
BB3 Russell Haswell - Chew On This
BB4 Rod Dickinson - Under
C1 Hypnotist, The - Part Two
C2 Peter Cusack - Hungerford Bridge
C3 Mark Long - Untitled
C4 Steve Wheeler - Untitled
CC1 Scanner - Vial Space
     Transformed & Written by Scanner

CC2 Savage Pencil - Untitled
CC3 Claire Robbins - Untitled
CC4 Stefan Beck - I Hate Guitars
D1 Blur - 101%
D2 Donald Christie & The Underdog -
D3 Third Eye Foundation - Untitled
DD1 Twisted Science v Burzootie - Kleen
DD2 Cheap Glue - Beaujolais Nouveau Day
DD3 Hypnotist, The - Hard As Fuck '97
DD4 Mellowtrons, The - Your Love
DD5 VVM* - Untitled
DD6 Terry Smith - Untitled
E1 Springheel Jack* - Untitled
E2 Stereolab - Untitled
E3 Bruce Gilbert - Scion (Strictly
EE1 DJ Speedranch* - Untitled
EE2 Add N To X* - Live Recording With A
       Dead Thurston
EE3 Mark Webber - Untitled
EE4 Arashi v Red King - Untitled

Lo Recordings LLP 11
Made in the UK
This is a compilation of audio tracks and artworks from the Root exhibition. "In May 1997 Lo Recordings received a DAT tape containing 30 different one-minute guitar pieces by Thurston Moore. Each piece was copied onto individual tapes and packaged in custom designed vaccum cleaner bags. One hundred bags were sent out to a selection of visual artists and musicans, inviting them to create a brand new work utilising the original piece as a starting point." (Quotation from the linernotes of the poster.)
Vinyl version of LCD011 contains 38 of the musical contributions, and comes in a box with label artwork by Cedric Christie, Joe Ewart, Martin Fletcher, Savage Pencil & Gavin Tork, and also includes a poster featuring a selection of images from the Root exhibition. Contributors to the 'Root' exhibition included Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Angela Bulloch, Russell Mills, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst.
5 x Vinyl LP

Scanner - coming soon