DJ Spooky / Various / Scanner
Rhythm Science: Excerpts And Allegories From The Sub Rosa Archives

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01a Yoshio Machida - Afterimage
01b Sussan Deyhim - The First Reading
01c Unknown Artist - Tibetan Evening Music
02a Nuuk Posse - Poesi
02b Antonin Artaud - Alienation Et Magie Noire
03 Bill Laswell - Oscillations (Milky Remix)
04a Directions - Encode
04b e. e. cummings - Let's From Some Loud Unworld's
       Most Rightful Wrong
05a DJ Wally & DJ Zeta - Reticulli
05b Gertrude Stein - If I Told Him, A Complete Portrait Of Picasso
06 Charles Hayward - Accidents And Emergencies (Instrumental)
07a Bill Laswell - Oscillations (Vedic's Live Pop Remix)
07b Scanner & Freeform vs. Michael Mayer - Biological Closure
07c Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate
08a Vedic - Kali Rising
08b Tristan Tzara - Pour Sompte (Phases, 1949)
09a Oval vs. Yoshihiro Hanno - April (Remix)
09b James Joyce - Anna Livia Plurabelle (Finnegans Wake)
10a Oval vs. Yoshihiro Hanno - April (Remix)
10b Oval vs. Main - SDII Audio Template
10c David Shea - Satiricon
10d Marcel Duchamp - À L'Infinitif
11 Scola Hungarica* - Sanctus
12a Jean-Luc Fafchamps - Chrysanthemum Haradjani
12b Meira Asher & Guy Harries - Girl
13a Jilala De Tangier - Darba Del Hameni
13b Jean-Luc Fafchamps - Ground
14 Seefeel - Is It Now?
15a DJ Wally - Bitchley's Kow Korn
15b Hugo Distler - In Principio (Easter Nocturnal Liturgy)
16a Scanner - Fuse
       Composed & Produced by Robin Rimbaud
16b William S. Burroughs & Martin Olson - The Five Steps
17a Kim Cascone & Scanner - Atavistic Endeavor
       Composed & Produced by Robin Rimbaud & Kim Cascone
17b Scanner - Control Phantom
       Composed & Produced by Robin Rimbaud
17c Merzbow - Lux Automobile (Krokodil Rock Mix)
18a Yoshio Machida - Afterimage
18b Vladimir Maïakovski - Une Aventure Extraordinaire Arrivée À
       Vladimir Maïakovski, En Été A La Datcha
19 Claude Debussy - D'un Cahier D'Esquisses
20 David Shea & Tobias Hazan - Memoires D'Un Surfeur Au
     Bord Du Désert
21 Disjecta - Bad Day For Wasps
22 Matik - Dada Cat
23 Matik - Indigo
24a Giacinto Scelsi - Suite #11
24b Bill Laswell & Trilok Gurtu - Nothing
25a Luciano Berio - Brin
25b Bill Laswell - Dislocation
26a Brion Gysin - One Night @ The 1001
26b Unknown Artist - Tibetan Evening Music
26c Jon Hassell - Map Of Dusk
27a Carl Michael Von Hausswolff - With The Flow Against The Current
27b Gnaoua De Abenb Binizi* - Jellaba Titara
27c Guillaume Apollinaire - Pont Mirabeau
28a Nik Bullen - Again And Again
28b Brion Gysin - Violin Solo (One Night @ The 1001)
28c Gilles Deleuze - Selected Readings
29a Nûs - Drum Break (Machine Chop)
29b Morton Feldman - Triadic Memories
29c David Toop - Tricyrtis Latifalia
30 Mouse On Mars - Subnubus
31 Lee Ranaldo - Remix Of Konstantin Raudive
32 Patti Smith - Morning High
33 Sussan Deyhim - The Last Reading

Sub Rosa SR201 CD
Made in Belgium
This is the companion to the Paul D. Miller Book "Rhythm Science."