Simon Whetham / Various Artists / Scanner
Meditations On Light

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Disc One:
01 Simon Whetham Darkerspace 34:43
02 Simon Whetham Lightspace 29:38

Disc Two:
01 Yann Novak Light 9:26
02 Fourm Early Sight 8:38
03 Maile Colbert Light Brutal 6:12
04 John Kannenberg Echoes Of The Pharos 6:10
05 Mise En Scene 06LY_1 6:03
06 Iris Garrelfs Alient Nebula Rider 6:01
07 Philippe Petit De Biscanti 5:53
08 Scanner Souvenir 5:52
09 David Wells Ly 5:42
10 Christopher McFall Blackout Carrier 5:40
11 Lawrence English Meditation On Light 5:22
12 Richard Lainhart From Above 4:52

In 2009 Simon Whetham was commissioned by painter Kathryn Thomas to compose a surround sound composition and installation to accompany her Darkspace project, a series of paintings inspired by the infinity of the cosmos, which was exhibited as part of her biggest solo exhibition to date, 'Lightyears'.
Reconstructions of 'Lightyears' featuring: Simon Whetham, Fourm, Richard Lainhart, Philippe Petit, mise_en_scene, Maile Colbert, Scanner, Christopher McFall, David Wells, Iris Garrelfs, Yann Novak, Lawrence English & John Kannenberg

Label: Monochrome Vision
Cat No. MV35
Made in UK