Various Artists / Scanner
Crossed CIrcuits

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01 Tom Roe - March Steps
02 Matt Bua - Undergrowth March
03 31 Down - Evenings and Weekends...Free: Empire State Building
04 Scanner - Blindscape
     Composed & Produced by Robin Rimbaud
05 Damian Catera with Cecilia Biagini - Timescale in Sound
06 Michelle Nagai - For Henry
07 Ben Owen - 050409 m0428
08 Matt Mikas - Divination #8
09 Melissa Dubbin + Aaron S. Davidson - Smells Like a Teen Spiritual
10 Tianna Kennedy - Blurred Movement + Vapour

free103point9 AD027
Made in the US
Crossed Circuits at Hogar Collection 04.23.05-06.06.05
Exhibition featured photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, sound and media works by Pasqualina Azzarello, Cecilia Biagini, Tim Dowse, several free103point9 Transmission Artists (see list above), Mckendree Key, Facundo Newbery, Clifford Owens, Matt Pass, Lee Ranaldo, Todd Rosenbaum, and Damian Catera, and was curated by Todd Rosenbaum and Catera. Cover image Timescale by Cecilia Biagini.