Nightswimmer & Scanner
Red Sails
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01 Inside on the Outside 5:02
02 Negative/Positive 8:34
03 The Machinist 6:38
04 Heart & Anchor 4:04
05 Subaqueous 4:28

Label: Nightswimmer (self-released)
This is a collaborative mini-album which was composed in ancient times, on the dawn of a new millennium, in the years 2001 and 2002 by Scanner (London) and Nightswimmer (Melbourne). The process managed to dodge all technical restraints and traverse the tyranny of distance by launching CDRS packed with sounds onto giant floating ships across turbid oceans, like silent and lost digital messages bouncing and bobbing back and forth on the tides from Melbourne to London and back until finally uniting into a sometimes cohesive ,sometimes dissonant musical message arriving at its destination.
Now in 2013 this is the first time it has been made available to the public. We hope you enjoy our early 21st century sonic journey.
Recorded 2001-2002 in Melbourne and London.