Colofon & Compendium 1991-1994
Sub Rosa SR341
CD / 12" Vinyl Double / Download
MP3 CD Vinyl/Other
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01 The Luminous Past 5:56
02 Pet (Headz) 1:40
03 That's Okay 6:06
04 Curse (Headz) 1:04
05 Connections 2:32
06 Snort (Headz) 1:26
07 Underwater 4:54
08 Chewing (Headz) 1:03
09 Tape Junk 2:52
10 Closet (Headz) 0:48
11 Cavern Wall 5:33
12 Anytime (Headz) 0:55
13 Humdum Talk 2:09
14 Hollow (Headz) 1:00
15 Blind Electricity 4:45
16 Flame (Headz) 0:40
17 Moth Open Math 4:34
18 Scouse (Headz) 0:58
19 Who Else Is There? 4:23
20 Smut (Headz) 1:21
21 Red Exile 8:48
22 Tourette (Headz) 0:55

All titles: Robin Rimbaud
"In the summer of 2010 I worked through my extensive archive of DAT tapes, cassettes and minidiscs, which had accumulated since 1977, and with the help of my ever capable and patient interns, began the process of digitising these materials. The result, over 600 hours of largely unreleased material, was overwhelming to say the least, and that was only the edited highlights, as we never touched any material prior to 1991.

Most of these recordings have never been heard before or released, though ideas, voices and samples may have reappeared in altered forms on future releases. Very little of it is 'finished' in any sense, it is more of a thinking process, sketches towards something else, a moment of inspiration briefly captured. At the invitation of Sub Rosa I honed down the selection to the controversial scanned telephone call works by- passing film scores, dance pieces, remixes and so on. The shorter pieces interspersed throughout the album were originally commissioned by James Lavelle for an edition of his Mowax compilation label series Headz, but for unknown reasons were never included."