Skies over Snaefell

De Appel

26 May 2012 - 31 March 2013

Art installation at museum

Artist: Allard van Hoorn
Score: Scanner

Collaboration between Dutch artist Allard van Hoorn and Scanner. This light-installation is a continuous growing rendering of Internet-indexed images of the skies over the mountain / glacier / volcano Snaefell in Iceland. Computer software separates the skies from land using
pattern-recognition software and translates the image in an screen of 32 by 64 pixels, over
2000 LED lamps.

These images are made by anonymous tourists, scientists, locals, admirers and passersby.
They are collected as the perpetually growing portrait of the mountain / glacier / volcano
Snaefell in Iceland where Jules Verne starts his journey to the centre of the earth and the
NASA trains its astronauts before going to the moon in 1969