Atelier HSL sound installation
January 2011

Available online and on strictly limited edition CD

This sound work explores the idea of place, language and identity around the Dutch High Speed Rail Line expansion.

Place-names are an ancient and continuous record of our history. Their study enlarges our knowledge not only of topography and human settlement, but also of institutions and of our language itself. Voyager: Amongst Others suggests an idea of both history and philology, but also of minute local enquiry and observation, and allows the listener to experience both historical dimensions and the cultural significance and relativity of this new geography.

Over an extended period I collected recordings from many of the localities that are passed on a journey across The Netherlands, echoing the trajectory of the train line. Accompanying these compositions made from this sonic detritus picked up all over the countryside, I made recordings of local residents reading through place names of the cities en route in the form of an abstract poetic text.

Removed from the physical map and aligned with recordings of the locality, the ambience of the towns and cities themselves, the work explores the collision between physical space and the human mind