Henri Pousseur
Middlesex University
Cat Hill Campus London

Remix / Performance for The 'Scambi Workshop'

With: Scanner, Thor Magnusson, Aki Pasoulas

'Scambi' by the Belgian composer Henri Pousseur was composed in 1957 at the RAI studios, Milan. 'Scambi' is an 'open' electroacoustic composition. Pousseur provided 'rules' for the combination of his pre-composed 32 sections of white noise processed via Alfredo Lietti's 'amplitude selector'. New versions of 'Scambi' have already been realized as part of an AHRC-funded project (see: The 'Scambi Workshop' is part of an EACEA project, this time funded by the EU. The universities of Padua (I), Aalborg (Dk) and Middlesex (GB) are collaborating in the 'DREAM' project (Digital Re-working of ElectroAcoustic Music). Ultimately the project will lead to a permanent exhibit at the Music Instrument Museum in the Castello Sforzesco, Milan. 'Scambi' is the work chosen to demonstrate how analogue compositions can be re-appropriated using digital technology.

"The 'Scambi Workshop' is open to everyone. We will play versions of 'Scambi' and demonstrate how the composition can be re-interpreted by modern composers. Artists performing are: Scanner, Thor Magnusson and Aki Pasoulas. Sonic Arts students from Middlesex University will also participate. In the 1950s Pousseur imagined new versions of 'Scambi' mixed 'live'. This is now possible by means of a reacTable built by Robin Fencott (Queen Mary College, London). Thus, there will be a variety of events as well as live 'Paraboles-mixes' (mixes based on Pousseur's 'Huit Etudes Paraboliques')."