United Visual Artists
Sound Design: Scanner
Nuits Sonores Lyon France 01-05 June 2011
Brooklyn, NYC, USA 13-16 October 2011

Continuing their successful collaboration with the Creators Project after redesigning this years Coachella Music Festival main stage, United Visual Artists created a landmark gateway for Nuits Sonores. Conductor, standing sixteen meters tall, is an animated light sculpture made of 72 aluminium cubes, inviting the visitor to pass through a portal of light and sound as they enter.

Drawing you into it’s environment like a magnetic force field, as if it were collecting energy from passersby to generate power for the event itself, Conductor’s resonating light forms resemble current running through electrical components or power plants. The installation features a propelling and frenetic original score by British composer Scanner.

Materials/ technology
Aluminium, perforated wire mesh, lighting fixtures, sound, code