Voodoo Science Park
Film directed by Steve Beard and Victoria

Score by Scanner

The film traces a secret geography of the Health and Safety Laboratory in Derbyshire. Mixing fact and fiction, it imagines a delayed encounter between poet William Blake and political philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

Combining compelling archive with contemporary footage of the Health and Safety Laboratory in the Peak District, Derbyshire, Halford and Beard's Voodoo Science Park summons the poetic and political archetypes of Leviathan, Albion and Gogmagog in order to anatomise the powers of accident, reenactment, sacrifice, punishment, artificial life, magic, sleep and civil war in the state of Britain. Part video-essay, video-poem and video-guide, Voodoo Science Park is a vivid and erudite conjuration that redreams the history of our present with a passion and a purpose that is entirely visionary.