Sound Installation + Performance
As part of Utopia exhibition
CAT–Contemporary Art Tower
MAK Depot of Contemporary Art

11 September - 24 October 2008

Utopia can be seen as respecting proportion and time. Only in time can we forget the past and prepare for the future. Even the Flak Towers are a remnant of a projected utopia that Hitler was striving for, but never came about.

Waiting for Utopia used a multitude of clock recordings, counting the seconds, minutes and hours away until this earthly paradise. Suggestions of violence could hover under beneath the surface; the ticking of a clock could also be the ticking of a bomb, echoing attempts at demolishing the towers in the past, moving towards utopia by erasing the past, whilst at the same time offering a positive message of counting down towards utopia.

The term utopia, 'the non-place', derived from old Greek 'u-', non, and 'tópos',place, denotes a 'nowhere' which is untraceable and therefore projecting all longing into an unreachable beyond. Utopia is therefore an imagination, which is thinkable as an idea, yet is not directly realisable. Paraflows 08 UTOPIA gathered concepts of a possible future, drawing upon perspectives, dreams and prognoses, daring to take a prognostic look at the future. It strove to provide a multi-layered examination involving the overwhelming architectonic and historical reality of the venue - the MAK Gegenwartskunstdepot Gefechtsturm Arenbergpark.