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Spurred on by the succes of their O.K. Blog, followed O.K. Periodicals. The central theme of this first issue was collecting. Subjects ranged from fast-food cutlery to cross-bred animals, with content consising of contributions resulting from an open call. Photographers, designers, artists, writers and underground-philatelists from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Australia and the USA all made their talents and collections available. 'O.K. Collections' is the result of this eclectic international collaboration. Amongst the contributors were Vittore Baroni, Kindra Murphy, Bob van Dijk (NLXL), BibliOdyssey, Daniel van der Velden, Scanner and Lust.

I contributed a brief selection of my large collection of found photos, mostly focusing on discarded photobooth images found at stations, supermarkets, and so on.