The Nature of Being
Audio Visual Performance
Image: Olga Mink
Sound: Scanner

Mapping Festival Geneva CH 2008
Image Radio Eindhoven NL
Cinema Kinodvor Ljubljana SI 2008
Franz K D 2009
Empac Troy NY USA 2009

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous
Aristotle ‘Parts of Animals’

What transcends our natural world? In digital technology we have the ability to invent and imagine a multitude of possibilities limited only by the imagination of the creator, but is something lost in this exploration, are we missing out on a sincere emotive response through the erasure of the real world.

The Nature of Being is a live interchange between artists charting a conversational movement of colour, music, texture and image. It is a travelogue of invention, taking the romance of the cosmos through a metaphysical adventure. Mink and Scanner are searching for a poignancy and emotional response to the digital world, using image and sound drawn from the planet around us.

The Nature of Being is a project guided by contemplative sound and image, creating an abstract story yielding to a state-of-flux-cinematic experience. By use of immersive projections, panoramic views and surround sound, sensuality is re-imagined, reinterpreted, connecting multiple realities in a multi-angled perspective, merging and juxtaposing various points of views. Reality cannot be found in just one single source because of the interconnection of all things with one another. We experience the world as a whole, light, sound, shape, colour, image, and smell enveloping us and shaping our world.