Dante's Inferno

Starring Corin Redgrave, Alex Jennings, Laurie Anderson and Arthur Brown.
Music by Scanner

An original and refreshingly new dramatic take by Roger Elsgood and Willi Richards of the timeless classic in which Dante is taken by the spirit of the poet Virgil through the twenty four circles of Hell on the first part of a journey which is both a search for his lost temporal love for Beatrice and a spiritual quest for God.

“This brave venture, presenting Dante's Inferno in 60 minutes, works amazingly well... The eerie background sounds and cacophony of anguished cries and lamentation are truly haunting as Dante does the Grand Tour of sinners' punishments - flung into boiling tar by the Devil, turned into bleeding trees, locked in ice, wrapped in snakes or consumed by unrelievable itching. The Bosch-like cameos of suffering are so visual, the language so vivid, the sounds so atmospheric that I was as relieved as Dante to see that Heavenly Light.”
The Observer Newspaper