as part of 'WAVES' exhibition
Arsenals Museum
Riga Latvia

In 2006 The "Art + Communication" festival, organised by the RIXC in Riga, celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 8th edition. For the first time the festival was conceived as a large-scale exhibition -- WAVES -- that looked at electromagnetic waves as the principle material - the medium - of media art.

Breakthrough was a development of Scanner's work with Mike Kelley 'Esprits de Paris' in which recordings were made of spaces with ghostly associations. The work explores the idea that certain spaces can become impregnated with physical emanation of the thoughts and lives of those living within them. Recordings were made in his childhood family home in London, devoid of people. Microphones were left in each of these emtpy rooms for extended periods and the resulting highly amplified recordings demonstrate the redundant and undesire flotsam and jetsam of environmental acoustic space.